Let me bring you up to speed

Good morning! So I’ve had a super busy week this past week. Lots of working on various projects and preparation for upcoming events. Last week I was working as an SA (Supporting Artist, or Extra) on the set of the new JK Rowling BBC series. The series is based on the crime fiction novels which are written under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith. They follow private investigator Cormoran Strike and his assistant Robin Ellacott. Tom Burke is playing the role of Strike alongside Holliday Grainger as Ellacott. Tom and Holliday are lovely people and the show is looking good. Not sure when the air date will be, but make sure you check it out when it’s on!

I also have an exciting event coming up this week where I will be modelling make-up for Givenchy! I was very shocked when I booked this job and I am one of six girls who have been chosen. I am very much looking forward to it! I will hopefully manage to take lots of photos so I can pop them up in a blog and tell you all about it.

For anyone who follows me on Instagram you may have seen that I have been audition prepping this week! Myself and my wonderful boyfriend, who is also an Actor, both have auditions for Chapterhouse Theatre Company on 1st April. Fingers crossed they go well! The auditions are for an open air summer tour of various shows. It’s looking great and I would love to be a part of it! Need to get learning my Shakespeare monologue however!


Alongside all of my work, I have been getting to grips with a new type of insulin. For the last five-six years I have been following the DAFNE (Dosage Adjustment For Normal Eating) programme to control my Diabetes. This means that I count carbohydrates. It changes for every diabetic as an individual but for me I work on a ratio of 10g carbohydrates = 1 unit of insulin. So I work on a ratio of 1:1. The insulin I use when I eat carbohydrates is a fast acting insulin called NovoRapid. Alongside NovoRapid I take a slow acting insulin once every night called Lantus Solostar. However, I have recently been to see a Diabetes Specialist and they suggested that we change my slow acting Lantus Solostar insulin to a twice daily insulin called Levemir.

For a body that has been receiving Lantus Solostar for five-six years it’s difficult to suddenly change and adapt to the Levemir, so my blood sugar levels have been all over the place. It’s extremely frustrating and I am having a constant battle everyday adjusting the units of insulin and trial and testing it until I am at a stable place. My poor body doesn’t know what’s hit it! I’m sure I will get it right sooner rather than later!

Seeing as I have changed insulin I seem to have an abundance of unused Lantus left stored in my fridge. I wasn’t sure about what to do with this as in the UK once medication is prescribed, it cannot be taken back in by Doctors and Chemists. I have been doing some research online and have found a website called http://www.iddt.org. It is the InDependent Diabetes Trust. They collect unwanted and unopened medication and send them to developing countries as part of a humanitarian aid programme to help poor children and young people with Diabetes. I am absolutely going to get on board with this and (once my levels are stable with my Levemir) send my Lantus and an old unused blood tester off to this brilliant trust! If you are in a similar predicament to me and you have unused and unopened Diabetes medication why not get on board too?

As I love trying new things and reviewing products, not long ago I applied for a free blood testing meter called the Contour Next One. You can still apply for them for free here: https://www.contournextone.co.uk/free-meter/. I haven’t tried this meter yet but I’ve heard good things. It connects up to an app on your phone and stores your blood glucose readings for you. I am very intrigued about this and will have to give it a go soon.

Despite the erratic blood sugar levels, things are currently going smoothly and life is beginning to fall slowly, but surely into place.

Thought I would just get you up to speed on what has been going on recently before I tackle a true and false Diabetes blog next week. I have heard some very bizarre thoughts from people about Diabetes recently and I feel that I need to set the record straight. So look out for that next Monday.

Have a good week!





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