Dream Believe Achieve

Happy Monday!

First of all, I want to mention just how excited I am this week because not only can I rekindle my love with wine again but my boyfriend, Bobby and I are going to see the dance group Diversity on Friday! This will be the fifth time I have seen them live. I absolutely love them. Bobby hasn’t had the pleasure of seeing them before, but I have reassured him that he is going to have an amazing time whilst I drool over Ashley Banjo next to him. This is actually Diversity’s 7th tour, Genesis. It’s going to be brilliant and I can’t wait!

I’ve had an interesting couple of weeks to say the least. I have had a few auditions which left me in a difficult situation. Basically, I auditioned for a particular company, who offered me the job! However, I couldn’t accept the job as I was awaiting the outcome of another audition… I declined the first job in the sheer risk taking hope that the second job would come up trumps, as it would have been an amazing experience. Unfortunately, I did not get offered the second job. As you can imagine, I was left feeling like an idiot and felt highly deflated that my risk taking had hugely backfired. This industry is honestly so difficult and you never want to put yourself into a position that makes you look bad to a respective employer. If I’d taken the first job, then gotten offered the second job there is no way I could have gone back to the first job and said “Oh, actually I’ve changed my mind.” You really do have to be careful. However, saying all this, I have been offered another audition which is this Wednesday, in none other than my home town area – the North East! Hurrah! This means I get to travel up North tomorrow morning and stay at home for one precious night before traveling slightly further North on Wednesday for the audition. I have roped in my lovely Mum to drive me up on Wednesday as I don’t want the stress of getting lost to deal with! I love being able to go back home even if it is only for one night. It’s really not even for 24 hours when you think about it! So yes, fingers and toes are tightly crossed for Wednesday!

So, some of you may remember that a few blogs ago I mentioned that I was going to start using the Contour Next One Blood Testing Meter. Well, I’ve started using it and it’s safe to say that it’s brilliant! It really is amazing how technology can make a difference. The meter itself is a tiny rectangle that uses Bluetooth to connect to an app on your iPhone/Smartphone.



The strips for this meter are also minuscule! They require the tiniest amount of blood which I personally think it great. Especially when you find it difficult to get blood out when you’ve got cold fingers! The lancets for the lancet device are also super cool. They come in an array of exciting colours. Obviously I love this as I feel like it makes it more personal and friendly, rather than a boring colour that leaves you dwelling on the fact you have to prick your finger and squeeze out your blood multiple times a day.


When you’re using the meter it’s best to have Bluetooth switched on on your phone and to have your phone in a good region to the meter. Transferring the data from your meter to your phone is extremely quick and it happens automatically. The app is very proficient and organised. You can add notes to each reading, so for example you can state whether your reading was after exercise or before a meal. You are also able to upload a photo of your meal to attach to a specific blood glucose reading so you’re always able to look back and remember what you’d eaten, how big the portion size was and how much you injected for that meal. Overall, I highly recommend getting one of these if you feel like it would work well for you! Just as a reminder, the app is called Contour and the online link for the meter is: https://www.contournextone.co.uk/free-meter/ They’re still available to order for free so grab one whilst you can!

Another useful insight for all you Diabetics is another app I’ve found called DCUK Forum. I came across this app as I have recently joined the http://www.diabetes.co.uk forum community. This is a different website to Diabetes UK and it’s equally great. The website offers a variety of information ranging from treatments to food and recipes! It’s definitely worth checking out. The app itself is enlightening and you are able to comment on various forums and get chatting to other Diabetics, or family members/partners/friends of Diabetics. You don’t have to have Diabetes to sign up to the app. The app allows you to browse various topics of conversation that have been addressed in the forum and you are free to have your say on whatever topic you would like, or even start a topic of conversation if you want to. As a Diabetic myself, I feel that it is extremely important to speak to other Diabetics and share thoughts and opinions on everything. You only learn from experience and advice is always openly welcome. I know that I will definitely be checking out the forum topics in greater detail after my audition this week, as I will have plenty of time to read more of them on my train journey back to London.

In the words of Diversity don’t forget to Dream Believe Achieve. Keep striving guys!

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Actress, singer and type 1 diabetic.

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