Trials and tribulations

First of all I want to wish everyone a Happy Easter! I’m sure many of you are basking in the enjoyment of having a four day weekend, or are possibly nursing a terrible hangover! Or like me, you might be rejoicing in the fact it’s the end of Lent! Yes, we had our first alcoholic drinks on Friday! It only took a glass and a half of wine for me to feel drunk! Very scary indeed. But, it’s safe to say I really enjoyed being reacquainted.


I have quite a bit to update you on from the last week.

This Easter weekend my family traveled up to Scotland, to Lochwinnoch to scatter the ashes of my Great Aunt Eleanora. She was an amazing, intelligent, inspiring and eccentric lady who we unfortunately lost at the end of last year. Regretfully, I could not be there to participate, but I was sending all of my love there that day. I wore my tartan trousers to see Diversity the night before the scattering in honour of her. She was truly incredible. Rest in Peace Eleanora.

This week I have found another little gem online for all you Diabetics! The website I told you about last week which is connected to the DCUK Forum tend to send emails out to whoever subscribes with various tidbits of information. Last week I received an email about some amazing t-shirts which you can purchase from their site. Now, I know it’s probably not everyone’s cup of tea, as some people feel very private about their Diabetes, but as you are aware I am personally very open and proud about my condition as I think being positive always helps. So, I can’t wait to purchase one of these!

Womens Pink - 585 Womens Blue - right (1)  Womens Red - 585

Powered by Insulin t-shirts! I think they are fab! They come in a variety of different sizes for children, men and women. You can purchase them in pink, blue, red, white and black and they are priced at £12.99 for adults and £11.99 for children. You can purchase them here:

I haven’t gotten mine yet, but believe me, you will hopefully be seeing me sporting a pink one very soon!

On the topic of Diabetes, I think I have come to the conclusion that Levemir background insulin is just not working for me. I have persevered tirelessly with trying to stablise my blood sugar levels. Some days they are ok and other days they are horrific! I really thought I had cracked it at one point, but it just doesn’t seem to be the case. I have been so upset about this and had a bit of a mini break down last week as obviously it’s something I am so passionate about getting right. Luckily, I had my wonderful boyfriend there to console me and also the DCUK Forum. I didn’t post anything on the forum about my situation but after a bit of research I found that this has been a problem for many other Diabetics too! Either people really love Levemir and hate Lantus or vice versa. There are other types of background insulin that I could consider, but I really do think my body prefers Lantus as I was taking it for six years. After the Easter bank holiday is over I will definitely be making an appointment at the Doctors to get this sorted out and get myself back to normal and back on good old Lantus.

I recently applied to join Diabetes UK’s Young Adults Panel. The panel aims to bring together young adults who are living with Type 1 Diabetes to help shape the work Diabetes UK do. The panel would be volunteering their time and thoughts in order to help Diabetes UK to reach out to more young adults living with Type 1 and offer them more relevant, practical and accessible support. Unfortunately, I was not successful and was not shortlisted to join the panel. However, due to the overwhelming response they received a position on the panel, they have decided to set up a Young Adults Network which will work alongside the panel, which I have been invited to join! They are wanting young adults living with Type 1 to create content that reflects real life experiences of living with Type 1. I am really thrilled to have been invited to join the network as I feel that I have a multitude of stories and experiences to offer to them. If you want to know more about the Young Adults Panel and what they aim to achieve, you can find out more here:

As I told you all last week, I had taken a massive gamble with auditions recently. I was pretty much relying on my last audition to come up trumps for me. Despite having an amazing audition and the panel even expressing such positive comments towards me, I was unfortunately not offered the job. Gutted doesn’t really cut it! However, it was my choice to make the decisions that I did and if this is the way my hand has been dealt then so be it. I spent a while reflecting on this situation and how I should have taken the first job that I was offered, but instead I chose to gamble and take a risk and regrettably, it just didn’t pay off for me this time. Nonetheless, I cannot dwell upon this situation as this is the career path that I have chosen and I always have to expect these types things to happen. I feel like I am pretty hard nosed to these types of situations and rejections now, as this industry is brutal. Like I’ve said before, if you’re not cut out for the rejection, this really isn’t the right industry for you. I am a strong believer in ‘everything happens for a reason’ so hopefully there will be something around the corner ready for me!

A bit of a mixed bag of updates in my blog this week, but let’s finish off with something great.


Yes! You knew it was coming! Well, as you are well aware this was my fifth time seeing the boys live and I bloody loved it! They really are incredible. This is their seventh tour and they have made such massive progress from the young boys that won Britain’s Got Talent in 2009 to the completely and utterly ripped  men they are today. (When I say ripped, you have no idea!!! Crikey mick.) Every tour focuses on a storyline which has been written and choreographed by the insanely talented and beautiful Ashley Banjo. (Who you can follow on Twitter @AshleyBanjo and Instagram @ashleybanjogram) This tour – Genesis – follows the group as they have been gifted with super powers and use their super human abilities to protect the world from evil and the infamous Destroyer. The show itself is incredible and Ashley always incorporates various other acts from numerous programmes he has worked on within the show. In Genesis there were dancers from Dancework Studio, Theo Mckensie (who you may remember from the Sky 1 show Got To Dance) and Urban Voices Collective to name a few.




The guys really put on a tremendous show. I know I am biased because I love them so much, but even my boyfriend really enjoyed it! I think my love for them is not only because they are stunning and extremely talented, but they are just normal, down to earth guys who had a dream and they’ve made it real. In this industry, I admire the people who don’t let fame go to their heads and who are able to stay true to themselves.

At the end of every show Ashley always reminds the crowd that the reason they are here and able to perform on that stage is because of the overwhelming support they have received since 2009 from the general public. They really are very humble and it’s very endearing and enlightening to see.

I really look up to Diversity and their hard work and success. They are just normal boys from London, who made their dreams a reality and really went for it. They put their hearts and souls into everything they do and they are really well deserving. There was a particular line in the show said by Theo – “Diversity didn’t choose the easy way, they chose the right way”. This really stuck with me as I suppose, in a way, I strongly relate that to myself. I know some of you are probably reading this and thinking “What a corny bitch” but I really do have strong desires and my determination makes me so hungry to succeed. In the words of Diversity – “Dream, Believe Achieve”.

Like Theo said, I haven’t chosen the easy way, but the right way. So let’s keep going.

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