Is it right to “fight”?

First of all, I want to give a massive shout out to everyone who ran the London Marathon yesterday! Well done! I have ran the Great North Run before and that’s a half marathon, so I can’t begin to imagine how difficult the London Marathon must be! One to tick off the bucket list maybe?

This past week has been an interesting one when it comes to Diabetes! You may remember that last week I spoke about how I wanted to change back to Lantus as Levemir really wasn’t being my friend… Well, I actually think once and for all I’ve cracked it! I had a phone conversation with a Nurse from the Croydon Diabetes Service who was extremely helpful. We decided to adjust my Levemir doses further in to see if it would make a difference. It has! It actually has! I am so chuffed about this. My levels have been much more stable all week and it’s bringing my mood back up too. Great news all round! Fingers crossed it stays this way and I can carry on with these great results. If you’re a Diabetic and you read this, send me a tweet @emma_bostock and let me know how you get on with your Diabetes control. I’m always open for a chat or here to pass on any knowledge or advice.

Last week I received another email from informing me of a FREE Hypo Training Programme. Obviously I wanted to check this out. The programme actually claims that “six months after taking the course 63% experience fewer severe hypos.” I am extremely lucky that in my decade of living with Diabetes I have never experienced a severe hypo. I have never been hospitalised for it and I’ve never needed someone to assist and take over whilst I’ve been having a hypo. Despite this fact, I thought I would check this training programme out and give it a go anyway, as you can never learn too much! The training course is available here:

Hypo Training Programme

The prgramme is really easy to follow and you don’t actually have to be a Diabetic yourself to complete the programme. I think this is a great way for family members and friends to get involved in learning more about hypos as they can be potentially very detrimental to Diabetics. So the more you know, the better!

The programme took myself and my boyfriend, Bobby (as we sat and did the course together – he’s such a gem) about an hour to complete. It takes you through different sections and then tests you on the knowledge you have learned at the end of those sections. Now, I know a lot about hypos but it was still great to refresh my knowledge and it was brilliant for Bobby as he learned quite a few new facts and above all, he found it really interesting. Upon completing the training programme they also send you out a wristband for free! You get to choose from a list which slogan you would like on your wristband. I haven’t received mine yet but I went for one that says Diabetic and Proud. I will pop up a photo when I get it.

Overall, I highly recommend taking an hour out of your day to complete this programme as it really does offer a shed load of information and for some people this could be potentially life changing.

As parents of a Diabetic child, my Mum and Dad are always keeping up to date with various Diabetic news and updates. Last week they brought to my attention a particular tweet from TV Presenter and Type 1 Diabetic Stephen Dixon (@StephenDixonTV). Stephen is a huge supporter and ambassador for Diabetes and is keen to make a difference, however his tweet showed that he feels, in some way, let down by Diabetes UK and their choice to change their slogan. Stephen’s tweet reads “Why I can no longer support @DiabetesUK A Personal View from a T1 diabetic.” Which is followed by this link –!1121784&ithint=file%2cdocx&app=Word&authkey=!AHTXroeSXc3pKE4

Recently Diabetes UK changed their slogan from “Care. Connect. Campaign.” to “Know Diabetes. Fight Diabetes.” What Stephen Dixon is saying is that he feels that Diabetes UK have made a huge mistake in using the word fight. In the link from Stephen’s tweet he has written “It will cause people to firstly have false hope of a cure, of a recovery. It will encourage people to resent diabetes. It creates disharmony for people in their EVERYDAY lives. Every day they have something to fight against, rather than just living their lives with a sense of control and understanding.”

As a Diabetic myself, I do completely understand where Stephen is coming from. The use of the word “fight” is extremely subjective. I feel that some people will take it literally (as Stephen is demonstrating) and others will see it as a way to “fight” to control their Diabetes – which is the positive reaction. It’s difficult as now this slogan has changed, it becomes quite concrete. I personally feel like Diabetes UK could have chosen a different and less subjective word which would have been appropriate all round. The change of slogan for Diabetes UK doesn’t make me support them any more or any less. As most of you are aware, I am a huge supporter of the charity and everything they do. How I feel about this is that you need to take the word “fight” and make it a positive. You are fighting Diabetes in a sense of learning to manage and control it. Don’t let Diabetes control you, you should control it.  Stephen makes a clear point and I understand his concern. It definitely is something to think about. Do you think Diabetes UK have made the right choice?

Onto some acting news. I have been looking into potentially working part-time as a Freelance Drama Teacher. My Mum sent me a great article about this and it really does seem like a good idea. You can read the article here:

There are so many actors who aren’t currently working who could be sharing their skills and knowledge with others and inspiring children to perform and eventually get into the big bad world of performance. The article is really great and if you’re interested in teaching, this could definitely be something to consider. I am definitely going to spend some time looking into this as I thoroughly enjoy working with children and if I can inspire them to perform, even better! The article even instructs you on how to approach Theatre Schools and tailor your CV to match the criteria for these job positions. The author of the article Sam Marsden has even written a book called How to make a living as a freelance drama teacher. Which is available to buy online.

I have also decided that I am going to start working on some new material for my show reel. I really feel like my show reel needs updating and I potentially need to focus it more critically. Show reels are so important for actors and they really do need to reflect what you are selling. This is definitely going to be my project for the next few weeks. I will keep you updated!

Finally, I just want to do a little plug for my boyfriend Bobby and our friend Martyn! If you are interested in Wrestling then this will be great for you! The guys have very recently embarked on their new podcast endeavour – The Canvas Chat. The guys will be checking in and chatting about everything Wrestling every week. They are also launching a Youtube channel to go alongside this so feel free to check them out! The link for the podcast is: and you can also follow them on Facebook – The Canvas Chat, Twitter – @TheCanvasChat and Instagram – thecanvaschat. I’m not sure if the Youtube channel is live yet, but if you follow them on Twitter I’m sure you’ll be the first to know when it is! Great work so far guys! Keep it up!

It’s a new week, so let’s see what this week brings. Happy Monday!



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One thought on “Is it right to “fight”?

  1. That was a really interesting read! especially about the use of the word ‘fight’ or not. I agree with you, I don’t think it’s enough to not support the campaign but they could have picked a more positive word as ‘fight’ is more of a negative one. Going to have a read of the drama teaching article too 🙂


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