Does social media work in the industry?

Happy Monday everyone!

As always it’s been a busy week for me! First of all I would love to share some exciting news! Last week I have been offered a position as Teaching Assistant and Cover Teacher working at The Pauline Quirke Academy (PQA), Richmond.


PQA is an amazing Performing Arts School which offers training to aspiring professionals under the age of 25, and there are over 100 academies across the country to choose from. The classes on offer are all lead and taught by amazing teachers with an abundance of experience. The school also offers a Film and TV class which I personally think is amazing! I can definitely say that when I was younger there weren’t any Performing Arts Schools that offered a Film and TV course. I would have leapt at the opportunity to learn those skills at a young age. It’s definitely such an important skill to have, especially in the industry nowadays, acting on stage and acting on screen are two very different skills entirely.

I am super excited about this new opportunity! The staff at the Richmond branch are all amazing, friendly and very welcoming people. They are all pretty much Actors too, which is great, as you can never have enough friends in the business! I am really looking forward to getting stuck into working with them every weekend and changing things up every week. I think this will be a very positive endeavour for me!

As well as my good news about PQA, I also have a few auditions coming up this week and over the next couple of weeks, so I’m keeping my fingers and toes firmly crossed! Hopefully there will be more good news yet to come!

Last week I read a really interesting article in the Equity Summer 2017 magazine about the use of social media and how helpful it really is to our industry. Now, as you are aware I am an avid social media user. I update my Facebook status, I tweet and I fill my instagram account with various photographs. I wouldn’t say I was addicted to social media, but I probably use it at the national average amount.

In the article it talks about how you use social media to market yourself in the industry. You need to begin by asking yourself the question “What do you want to do?” If you really want to sell yourself through social media, you really do have to consider what you are selling. An amazing example of social media triumph is Actor, Writer and Comedian Celeste Barber. (You can follow her on Instagram @celestebarber). Celeste is an absolute comedy genius who has found a particularly niche market for herself and she has literally become an internet sensation. You may know her as the woman who recreates celebrity photographs. Here is one of my favourites:


In just 18 months Celeste gained an incredible 1.2 million followers through Instagram, thanks to her #celestechallengeaccepted and gained 240k+ followers on Facebook. She has now absolutely blown up the internet and is featured on many sites and has been interviews on copious TV shows.

She really has thought about what she wanted to do and she absolutely has gone out and done it. Absolute kudos to her for her determination and clever social media marketing.

However, going back to the article in Equity, Malcolm Ward who is an Actor and chairman of the West and South West London branch of Equity thinks that some Actors suffer from a fear of self-promotion. In some ways, I do think this is true. It really is hard to promote yourself without feeling like you’re boasting or pushing your career in peoples faces. I really do think social media is an easier way to self promote rather than having your own website for example.

I actually have a friend who found a job on Twitter, went for it and got it. She’s not even in the industry, but it proves that social media really can work!

For Actors, I really do think that being active on social media, especially Twitter, is a very essential part of life today. There are so many Casting Directors and Directors who are active on Twitter every day. It only takes you tweeting about a show or performance you are in and tagging a Casting Director in the tweet for them to potentially take notice.

I personally like to keep Facebook slightly separate to Twitter and Instagram. I find Facebook is more of a personal site for keeping in touch and up to date with my friends. I would use Facebook to promote a show I was in, but I don’t use it to showcase my head shots.

When in the industry you do also have to remember that sometimes projects you are working in/on do have strict guidelines on what you can and cannot share on social media, so always be careful!

All in all, I think it’s a massive positive for Actors to stay active on social media. Keep promoting yourself and you never know who might be keeping tabs on you! It could turn into a lucky break!

Diabetes Roundup

Not a lot to report on the Diabetes front this week! I guess no news is good news! However, if you remember back to a few blogs ago, I mentioned that I had been offered a position to join the Diabetes UK Young Adults Network. Through the network, I have put myself forward for a place in one of their Future of Diabetes events. There are going to be six events across the UK which will focus on how life with Diabetes in the future could be different. I am really hoping that I get a space at the event as they are very limited! It would be a great opportunity as they want to hear from people who are affected by Diabetes. The event is giving the chance for people to:

  • Talk about your experience living with Diabetes.
  • Share ideas about what needs to change to make things better.
  • Give you the opportunity to meet other people with Diabetes in your area.

Fingers crossed I can secure a place as I would love the opportunity to Network with other Diabetics and hear about their experiences and thoughts!

Have a great week everyone!




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