What’s going on this week?

It’s that time again! First of all, I would just like to say a huge THANK YOU to all of you lovely people who have been taking the time to read my blogs every week! The feedback I’ve been getting is brilliant and I honestly feel very humbled knowing that you’re all (well, hopefully most of you at least) enjoying my writing. So thank you again, I appreciate your comments so much.

Happy Diabetes Week!

This week 11th – 17th June 2017 is Diabetes week! Diabetes UK are encouraging people to share their stories, experiences, thoughts and knowledge. Sharing your knowledge and experiences could really help others living with Diabetes and Diabetes UK ultimately wants everyone to pull together to make a change. The theme of Diabetes week is the controversial new Diabetes UK tagline Know Diabetes, Fight Diabetes. You may remember a few blogs ago I talked about presenter Stephen Dixon’s opinion of the new Diabetes UK tagline. However, after reading more about it, I do think they have made a positive move with this tagline. It just needed a little more context behind it so we really understand the intention behind the word “fight.”

You can find out more here: https://www.diabetes.org.uk/Get_involved/Diabetes-Week/ You may also find some tweets regarding Diabetes week using and searching the hashtags #knowdiabetes and #fightdiabetes.

So, as promised here is the link for the blog I wrote for the Diabetes UK website. https://blogs.diabetes.org.uk/?p=8460 The Diabetes UK team have really presented it wonderfully, adding in a few pictures along the way! They’ve even tagged my own blog in a link at the bottom. Thank you so much Diabetes UK! I’m really proud of my writing and my involvement in The Big Conversation and I have had a great Twitter reaction to the blog too! If you’re on Twitter and you see any of my tweets sharing the link, please do retweet! The more people learning about the event and the work Diabetes UK are doing the better! Let’s get everyone involved!

Last week I received a message from a fellow diabetic, Heather. Heather runs her own company Northeast Producers, who I have had the pleasure of working for before. The company is brilliant and tours various shows mostly around care homes. The shows are all great fun and wonderfully put together. I had an amazing time performing Alice in Wonderland in 2015 over the Christmas period. Heather has been following my blog posts and sent me a very interesting link about a potential new Diabetes treatment which could eliminate the need for insulin injections!

The article itself is very inspiring and really does give every diabetic hope that there will eventually be a cure for Diabetes in the future. Scientists at the ETH University, Basel, have been working on a therapy which “involves a capsule of genetically engineered cells implanted under the skin that release insulin as required.” So far, this capsule has been tested in Diabetic mice who were found to have normal blood sugar levels for several weeks. Although, this is not permanent, this is a definite step forward. If the scientists obtain a clinical trial to test in patients and the trial is confirmed safe and effective, then diabetic patients would be given an implant which would need to be replaced three times a year, replacing injections. This could potentially be life changing for so many individuals, so I will definitely be keeping my eye on this potential development. You may be wondering why we can’t all have pancreas transplants just like Linda who I met at The Big Conversation event. Obviously, her pancreas transplant has worked for her and technically she is no longer Diabetic. Although we have access to this type of operation, there are just not enough donated pancreases to take cells from in order to make this possible for everyone. Let’s not let this statistic mar our optimism of a better future for Diabetes however! Like I brought to light last week, we just need to keep fundraising to allow these trials and experiments to keep happening. We will find a cure.

Today I had the pleasure of signing up to receive some healthy recipe videos from people living with Diabetes, for people with Diabetes! The videos look like they are set to be great fun, offering various recipes to try at home. Although the videos are aimed at diabetics themselves, why not check them out even if you’re not? You might find yourself a new tea time meal! You can sign up for the videos here https://forms.diabetes.org.uk/feelgood-food?utm_source=bronto&utm_medium=email&utm_term=Sign+up+and+share&utm_content=Sign+up+and+share&utm_campaign=Enewsletter+June+2017 The first video is Folake’s Fab Fish and Chips – so easy to rustle up and such a healthy alternative to a take away! Definitely worth checking out!

Equity Committee Elections

Yes, it has recently been one of the most tense elections in a long time, but we won’t get into that! That would be opening another can of worms! The election I want to draw our attention to is the Equity Committee Election.

Every performer knows that Equity play a tremendous role in keeping our industry a safe and fair environment for us to be working in. However, that doesn’t mean that everything is hunky-dory. Equity are fighting a whole host of different things that are still not fair in the industry, which can range from working conditions to rates of pay.

The Equity council is made up of numerous committees which are all fighting for different causes. These committees include Screen and New Media, Stage and Variety and Circus and Entertainers and many more. They are all made up of performers who have relevant experience in the industry and know exactly how performers can be exploited and undervalued. They are fighting to make the industry a better place for us all. It is massively important that if you are a member of Equity, you vote in these elections. These people have the power to conduct negotiations and it is imperative that we have the right people in place to do so. If you are a member of Equity, you will have been sent out a ballot form enabling you to vote. Alternatively you can vote online. Please do make sure you get yourself involved! It’s important that our industry is recognised equally and fairly.

Last and by no means least, I have some more auditions coming up this week. I am keeping my spirits high and my motivation rolling. I am determined for some positive news! Hopefully I will be able to give you some next week. Fingers and toes crossed!

Before signing off this week, I would just like to send my love and sympathy to all who have been affected by the dreadful and heartbreaking incidents in Manchester and London recently. We shall not be broken. We will stand together.


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