Reality takeover

It’s that time again! Let’s get started.

So this week, seeing as it’s completely relevant and taking over an abundance of our lives right now, I thought I would begin by tackling the controversial topic of reality TV.

So the many of you who know me well will know that I absolutely love reality TV. Honestly. As trashy and questionable as it is, I just can’t help but indulge myself in watching it. My boyfriend brands the majority of it as “absolutely awful”, and in all honesty he isn’t far off! It’s just so addictive, so utterly addictive.

So at the moment the main talk of the town focuses on Love Island and Big Brother. Now, the majority of people are 100% aware of Big Brother and what it entails, whereas some of you may not be so well acquainted with Love Island.

To sum it up, a group of single men and women move into a villa in Majorca (I think) where they are thrown together with the intention of finding love. Obviously, there are trials and tribulations along the way, causing break ups, arguments, fights, drama and sexual antics. The islanders choose who they want to couple up with and the left over individuals or the least popular couple being voted off each week. When the winning couple is announced they are dealt the burning conundrum of letting us all know whether they were in it for love or money. The winning couple can choose love and stay together and split the money or if one of them chooses money, they take all the money for themselves, like the greedy, heartless individual they evidently are.

Love Island is highly addictive and I can’t really put my finger on why. The majority of the individuals who go on this show are just game for a laugh and do want to find love in the villa. Some can definitely be deemed as fame hungry and definitely use the show to boost their social media status. Whilst others use the show to boost their careers. The majority of the reality stars who come out of Love Island, do tend to attract a massive social media following and are also backed by various fashion brands, who in turn get the stars to promote their lines and brands via their personal instagram accounts.

However, when it comes to the performance industry, I am always skeptical about reality TV stars boosting their careers off the back of the shows they have been on. You do tend to see reality TV stars playing lead characters in theatre shows – especially pantomimes. This really does annoy me quite a bit and I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way. The only reason these reality stars are being cast in these productions is to sell more tickets. It doesn’t mean they are actually talented and it is very annoying to the actors who have trained professionally and are one thousand times more talented than they are, but don’t get chosen because of their lack of status. Frustrating. Just to point out, I’m not saying that all people who go on reality TV are talentless, but you get my drift I’m sure.

Then again, if people do enter into reality TV with the  intention of boosting their careers then they really do have to be intelligent about it. Reality TV is such a bubble and individuals are exposed to the general public every night of the week. (Remember back in the day when Big Brother was literally on 24 hours a day. People would be able to tune in and watch them sleeping. Sort of creepy really.) People get caught up in all sorts of situations that really do expose all sides of their personalities to the outsiders who are looking in at them through their TV screens every night. If they’re heading onto these shows to gain a positive public reaction and career boost, then they can’t be seen getting into fights, talking badly about others and screaming their heads off. It really is potentially very damaging.

I do find that Big Brother is the ultimate front runner for potentially making or breaking your career. Take this current series of Big Brother as a prime example. Lotan Carter (@lotanlaidbare on Twitter), current Dreamboy and nephew of dancer and reality TV star Louis Spence has really shown his true colours in the house. He has been shown to get particularly aggressive and has been a strong participant in various arguments that have gone on. Due to his behaviour he was removed from the house. Through these actions Lotan now finds himself a Dreamboy no more as according to The Daily Mail his contract with Dreamboys has been cancelled. In the article it states that The Dreamboys troupe do not condone behaviour such as that shown by Lotan in the Big Brother house. Well, that my friends, looks pretty much like Lotan has well and truly ruined his career!

I must admit, earlier this year when respected actor James Cosmo entered the Celebrity Big Brother house, I did find myself constantly questioning why he had chosen to do it. James has starred in Trainspotting and Game of Thrones and earlier this year starred in SS-GB – a drama set in a dystopian UK under the rule of Nazi Germany.  I was actually rather concerned for his career as entering into the Big Brother house could have been potentially damaging. However, low and behold, he proved to the public what an utter gentleman and real human being he was and actually made it to the final of the show, finishing in gallant fourth place. He completely won the hearts of the nation and everyone loved him. In my opinion, going into the house was a huge gamble for him, but he played the game right and came out on top.

When I was younger I would have absolutely loved to have gone into the Big Brother house. Reflecting back on that now, I cannot think of anything worse! I can’t even imagine the effect it would have on my career and myself mentally. You will never get a 100% positive reaction from the public and you are destined to read awful articles and tweets about yourself. Trolling to the extreme comes to mind. I guess in a way, these reality TV stars aren’t going into these situations without weighing up these probabilities. Personally, I wouldn’t want to be branded as a reality star or known as “that girl who was on Love Island”. Each to their own though. Like James Cosmo, if you are going to go into one of these shows then you really need to do it right. Boost your career positively! Don’t shoot yourself in the foot and watch your whole career crash down in front of your eyes. It’s really not worth it.




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