Good news!

Finally! I have some exciting news to report! I am pleased to inform you that I have been offered a job touring with West Midlands Children’s Theatre later on this year! Wahey! It hasn’t been confirmed which show I will be touring or which contract I will be on yet, but watch this space as I will update you soon! I’m very much looking forward to it and can’t wait to find out more.

I would also like to say a massive CONGRATULATIONS to my boyfriend’s brother and new sister in law, Jon and Lucy, on their marriage at the weekend! It was a beautiful day and we had such a fabulous time. I definitely cried with joy for them both (which is a common occurrence for me at weddings) and they are such a wonderful couple. The lucky things have now jetted off on their honeymoon to Italy. Very jealous! Here’s myself and Bobby on the day. Don’t we scrub up well?


We actually have another wedding to head off to this weekend too! It really is wedding season! I am very excited as for this one we get to head up to my neck of the woods and see my Mum, Dad and my dog, Honey! It should be another really lovely weekend and of course I have an entirely different outfit planned. Naturally.

Earlier on in the week I did a job for a company I worked for last Christmas, Eskimo Jo. They are a great company to work for and I would highly recommend them to anyone! I had a great experience with them over Christmas playing the role of an Elf at the Dreamworks Adventure to Santa Grotto. It was so much fun. So, obviously when they contacted me again asking if I wanted to work for them on a job for Gatwick airport, of course I said yes! The job involved working at a big event for children called The Big Bang, which was held on a site about 20-25 minutes drive from Gatwick Airport. The event was promoting science and engineering to children and teenagers and to inform them what type of jobs fall into those fields. We were based in the Gatwick Airport tent, where we helped to co-ordinate various bits and bobs. It was a really good day.

However, the main point for of me bringing this up is that I got to know a lovely girl called Amanda (whose boyfriend also worked at the Grotto with me last year) and she just happens to be Type 1 too! It’s safe to say I was buzzing. It sounds really sad, but it’s not often that you get the chance to get to know another diabetic, despite the fact there are actually so many of us, so it’s really exciting when you do!

Amanda was equally as excited about meeting me as I was meeting her. Through conversation with her, it was very clear to see that she is just as passionate as I am about Diabetes. She was really intrigued about my blog and the various events that I informed her about. It’s definitely safe to say that we will hopefully be attending some Diabetes events together in the future!

What I was really interested in, was Amanda talking about how her and her boyfriend are going to be going traveling and there isn’t actually an awful lot online about having Diabetes and traveling. Interesting. I myself have never really had the travel bug. I love going on holiday for a couple of weeks at a time, but I have never really had the urge to head off on a massive around the world trip. The thought had crossed my mind that if I did want to go traveling how easy would it be with Diabetes? There are an awful lot of questions I would have to consider the answers to.

  • How would it work with having enough insulin and medical supplies?
  • How easy would it be to access more medication abroad if necessary?
  • How much space would all my medication take up in my bag?
  • Would the Doctors allow me to take such a big supply to cover me for such a long time?

The questions are endless really. Surely with enough careful and considerate planning it would definitely be doable though.

A few years ago I went to Ethiopia for nearly 3 weeks and it played absolute havoc with my blood sugar levels. I had no idea that countries with a higher altitude sky rocket your blood sugar levels. I was so poorly and whatever I tried I literally just couldn’t get my levels down. As a diabetic this really is something to consider if you do want to go traveling. It was a really difficult experience and if I’d have known it would have affected me so badly, I probably wouldn’t have gone, or at least not for that length of time.

Ironically enough, Amanda wants to write a blog about her traveling experiences with her Diabetes and I think that would be a fantastic idea! She’s also a Vegan and wants to write some blogs about being Vegan and diabetic. She did happen to say that since being a Vegan she feels like her blood sugar levels have been a lot better. Personally, I just couldn’t pursue the Vegan diet! Good on her though! I will definitely be popping the link to her future blog up for you all to look at when the time comes.

Before I end this blog for the week, I wanted to draw attention to an extremely powerful image I recently saw online. If you’re not a fan of needles, it would probably be best if you didn’t scroll down any further. However, this is what an average month worth of insulin injections looks like:

Diabetes Injections

Such a powerful image! I really do think us diabetics are absolute troopers.

I hope everyone has a brilliant week, stay positive!


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Actress, singer and type 1 diabetic.

2 thoughts on “Good news!

  1. Brilliant blog this week – really enjoyed and congratulations on a new job coming soon. Travelling even with pain killers is hard as Drs are not allowed to give you more than two prescriptions!! I have struggled this time.

    Lots of love from us,

    Grab and grandpa.

    Ps remember if you fancy camping ⛺️ ⛺️⛺️, lots of us meeting up weekend 14/16 at New Forest. Ade & Marta& kids, Si & Jayne, Liz & boyfriend, Hugh & Jan, Tim & Val!! Maybe more not sure. xxx

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