What’s been going on?

Yesterday I had the absolute pleasure of going wedding dress shopping with my gorgeous friend Steph! I met up with her yesterday in Farnborough and we drove to a bridal shop called wed2b in Camberley. They have a few stores dotted around the UK and you can find out more here: https://www.wed2b.co.uk/

Steph had asked me to go with her as I am one of her Bridesmaids and unfortunately, her Mum couldn’t be there in person as she lives in Canada. We didn’t want her Mum, Rosemary, to miss out though, so we had her on Facetime the whole experience. It was such a lovely day and Steph has chosen an incredible dress. She really does look like an absolute Princess in it! I can’t wait to see her overall looked pulled together with her dress, hair, shoes and make up! She is going to look absolutely amazing. Bring on the wedding!


As usual (I’m sure you not expect nothing less) I have been super busy and that’s going to continue this weekend as Bobby and I head over to his hometown of Coventry to go to another wedding. This time, it’s just the evening do we’re going to though! Haha. It will be so lovely to head up there as we’re making a real weekend of it and cramming in seeing lots of his family and one of my best friends, Stevie too! I’m sure this will be a very welcome mini break! Not a lot of relaxing will be involved though I’m sure.

Diabetes updates

It’s been very quiet on the Diabetes front for me recently! Everything seems to be ticking over nicely. I do however seem to be waking up at the moment with slightly high blood sugar. I am trying to combat this, so hopefully everything will level out very soon.

I want to just take a minute to remind you all of a blog I wrote quite a few weeks ago about injecting in public. Obviously, we know that for diabetics, injecting in public is a very necessary thing and in some circumstances cannot be avoided at all! Ironically, I stumbled across a post on the DCUK Forum last week titled “Idiotic person judging me!!!”. The diabetic in question had posted a screenshot from Facebook with extremely judgemental comments from a specific individual who seemed very opinionated about this diabetic in question injecting in public. They actually asked the question “Why would you inject yourself in public?” and even used the words “Just because you can do something in public doesn’t mean that you should”.

I’m sorry, but as a Diabetic myself, this enraged me! How dare this person pass judgement on someone having to inject in public! We do this to keep ourselves alive. How sorry we are for offending you with our battle to stay on the planet. Good lord.

Thankfully, the amazing diabetic community rallied together and produced a slew of helpful, uplifting and witty comments. One particular person made a very valid point by saying “There is a difference between doing something “in public” and doing something “publicly”. I choose to inject in public. You have a choice whether to be an idiot in public or be an idiot publicly. You appear to have chosen to be a public idiot.” Incredible.

Another personal highlight from the thread of comments is: “Where does he live? We can arrange a mass ‘shoot up’ outside his house or in his local pub.”

I just love how the diabetic community have each others backs. We seem to be (on the whole) a very positive bunch who tackle Diabetes with commitment and a little bit of humour thrown in along the way. This is definitely the best way to live with Diabetes. I absolutely applaud the community for this. Well done guys!

In my Summer 2017 issue of Diabetes Balance magazine I read a short article about how there could actually be more than one type of Type 1 Diabetes. Very interesting indeed. The article explained that Diabetes UK funded researchers have found that through analysing pancreas samples they have noticed that some people with Type 1 have two types of immune cells – T cells and B cells – while others have mostly T cells. The double immune attack, as the article refers to it, was only seen in people diagnosed before the age of 7 years old. Through further research they have found that individuals who have been diagnosed at an earlier age seem to lose insulin producing beta cells faster than those diagnosed at an older age. I will definitely be keeping an eye on the outcome of this research as discovering new information about Diabetes can only help towards ultimately finding a cure! Fingers crossed!

I support Equity’s #castingmanifesto

Equity have a new campaign which seeks to revolutionise the casting process. It would aim to make the casting process a clearer, fairer, more inclusive and less stressful experience for everyone involved. This sounds fantastic! This campaign is called the Manifesto for Casting.

This manifesto covers the entire audition process. Yep, this stems from the actual job advertisement itself all the way through to recalls. For everyone who has ever left an audition and never heard a single world again from the Casting Director or Company, you will be pleased to know that one of the points raised in the manifesto is for actors to be told when they have not gotten a role. Hallelujah! Obviously, we would want positive news and to be told that we have gotten a role, however, being told that you haven’t is just great practice and a common courtesy that we all deserve for out time and effort put into the audition process. Among this, the manifesto also asks casting directors to commit to inclusive casting, limit the number of recalls, consider local talent and be mindful of the performers’ caring responsibilities.

Interestingly enough, MP, actor and writer Tracy Brabin exclaimed that “access into this industry is proving more and more difficult. I – and I’m not alone in thinking this – I don’t think I would have had the career I was lucky to have if I was starting out today.” It is so apparent how equal opportunities and a more inclusive casting process can make a difference. Casting directors need to consider performers from all walks of life, whether they have a disability, what race they are, training backgrounds, locations around the UK and whether they are agent represented or self represented. Finding the right individual to cast into a role should always come down to talent. Nothing else, just pure talent.

Hopefully, we will be seeing a difference in the casting process as casting directors have pledged to support it. If you want to read the manifesto yourselves, you can find it here: http://www.equity.org.uk/manifesto-for-casting

Let’s keep making changes and persevering for the better! Over and out.




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