Feeling under the weather, but let’s get up to speed!

Such a busy few days and I’m unfortunately feeling a bit under the weather today, so very much taking it easy. At least I can finally sit down and write my blog for the week.

Where do I begin?

Well, yesterday my boyfriend and I had a lovely rare day off together so we went to see Yank – The Musical! It’s only on for 3 more nights at the Charing Cross Theatre, but if you can get last minute seats, I strongly recommend you go and see it whilst you can! The show begins with a young man who finds a journal in a junk shop which was written by an American soldier during WW2. The show unfolds as a story based on the writings in the journal which follows a love story between 2 American soldiers – the writer of the journal Stu and soldier, Mitch. It’s safe to say that I was definitely crying by the end and it really struck a chord with me. Especially how far we have come in terms of the acceptance of homosexual relationships. Even though things aren’t perfect, we have taken a huge leap. The show is lead by the highly endearing Scott Hunter as Stu and the rather dishy Andy Coxon as Mitch. Not only are the two leads incredible, but the entire cast are brilliant. You can follow Scott and Andy on twitter, @shhscotthunter and @andycoxonuk


Like I said, if you can grab some last minute tickets (use the Today Tix app) and get yourselves down there before it ends on the 19th! We managed to get tickets for £20 each, with an £10 credit that we already had on the app and we were second row from the front! How about that?!

In other news, I have finally received my contract for Dick Whittington, which I am highly looking forward to! I will be beginning rehearsals on November 13th and heading off on tour from November 20th. I’m really excited to get back on the road again with a tight knit group and to begin some Christmassy hard work!

I also had the privilege of taking part in the Gravy For The Brain: Voiceover for Actors webinar on the 15th August. I have partaken in a voice over course with Gravy For The Brain before so I do receive emails from them rather frequently. I saw that this webinar was being advertised by them directly and through Mandy (which I’m sure all of us Actors are still referring to as CCP!) I am really interested in voice over work and have a demo reel myself, so I was really looking forward to taking part.

The webinar was lead by Hugh Edwards who is not only the CEO of Gravy For The Brain, but also a Voice Director and Casting Director. He works very closely alongside very well know voice over actor Peter Dickson who you will all recognise as the voice of The X Factor. Between the two of them, they have an abundance of experience spanning over years of professional work. So they are definitely the right people to be giving advice.

Hugh gave some great information on how to get into voice over as an actor and the webinar was highly informative. There is so much to consider as a voice over artist, but it can really help to boost your income if you successfully get into it. If you want to find out more about Gravy For The Brain you can visit their website, sign up and take advantage of the pools of advice and courses that they have on offer here: https://www.gravyforthebrain.com/

As in previous blogs I would like to give another mention to the Diabetes.co.uk forum! They have recently hit 250,000 members! So that’s 250,000 diabetic people that you could be chatting to, sharing advice, learning things and socialising with. I really do recommend signing up to the forum if you’re a fellow diabetic, family member of a diabetic or even friend of a diabetic and you just want to know more!

My Dad also drew my attention to a competition being run by Diabetes.co.uk which was advertised on their instagram page (diabetescouk) where you can apply to win 1 of 5 FreeStyle Libres! If you remember a while back, I was discussing presenter Stephen Dixon and how he uses one. They are those sensor based blood testing packs which sit on the back of your arm, which you scan to check your blood sugar. Absolutely ingenious invention if you ask me! Saves your fingers from being ruined in the long run. The only downside is that they are definitely not free and they do cost around £50 per sensor and they have to be replaced every 2 weeks. When I saw they were running this competition without a doubt I immediately entered! I would love to be able to have a go with the FreeStyle Libre as it could be potentially life changing. So fingers crossed I am one of five lucky winners! Another fingers crossed for hopefully this amazing invention not having to cost so much in the future! Like I said, it could be absolutely life changing for many of us.

Last, but not least, I am very excited as it’s Steph and John’s wedding on Monday! It has come round so quickly and I am super excited to be sharing her big day as one of her Bridesmaids! I finally got my Bridesmaid shoes yesterday (last minute, I know!) but I am so pleased with them and they are super comfy for heels. Big plus! So prepare for a Wedding enthused blog in the making!




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