Malta and Gozo

I’m back!

Back to reality after a beautiful 8 night holiday in Gozo with my boyfriend, Bobby. I thought this week that I would write a slightly different blog and talk about what we got up to on our holiday! It’s always good to mix it up a little bit isn’t it?

We were very lucky to head out to stay in Gozo this year as Bobby’s Aunties moved out there in January and have been enjoying themselves there ever since! They are renting a huge house in Ghajnsielem which is right near the ferry port Mgarr which is the main transport link from Gozo to Malta. So we were very lucky not having to pay for any accommodation as we were staying with them in their beautiful home.

When we arrived we flew into Malta and then braved the buses and got on one for over an hour to take us to the ferry port to then get the ferry across to Gozo. (It’s safe to say, we did not get the bus back from the ferry port to the airport when we were coming home!) We had been up since 2.15am UK time and by the time we got on the bus from the airport we were absolutely delirious. We were just so tired and getting the bus maybe was not the best choice! However, we got to the ferry port and successfully got the ferry over to Gozo where Bobby’s Auntie collected us and drove us to their home.

Malta is a very busy place and in comparison Gozo is very tranquil. When we arrived we knew that we would be having a very relaxing holiday.

Here is a picture of the beautiful view, just a 5 minute walk away from the house.


Now, I’m not going to lie, but we did a lot of eating and drinking on our holiday! Some of the meals we had were absolutely amazing! We ate out every single day and it was so enjoyable. It was just so nice not having to worry about cooking and spending time making food. There was also an abundance of food types on offer too, so it definitely caters for everyone. (For anyone who is coeliac (like Bobby’s Mum) Gozo and Malta seem to be a very good place for gluten free food options!) I didn’t get pictures of all of the meals we had, but here are my favourites!

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I know the salmon salad is just a salad, but it was absolutely amazing! It was the biggest salad I think I have ever seen and the photo really doesn’t do the size of it justice! I had this when we went over to Dwejra Bay which is beautiful.

Bobby and I had a stunning meal at the best restaurant in Mgarr, Country Terrace. The restaurant has a 4.5 star rating on Trip Advisor and is rated #1 restaurant in Mgarr! It was easy to see why as the whole experience was stunning. The view from the restaurant was beautiful.


It seems to be a done thing in the restaurants out there to bring out bread and some of the restaurants bring you bruschetta on the house too! For my main I had grilled calamari, which you can see very clearly in the photo and Bobby had veal wrapped with mozzarella filled with brie, both meals arrived with vegetables, hand cut wedge like potatoes and some other potatoes which were covered with rosemary. It was absolutely gorgeous!

On our last night we went out for a meal with Bobby’s Aunties to a restaurant called Ta Tona which is based right on the Mgarr harbour. 3 of us had swordfish and it was stunning. The restaurant brought out a huge platter of fish and you can choose any of the fish that you would like from their catch of the day selection.

A definite perk of being out there was that the alcohol is ridiculously cheap! The cheapest we could get for a beer and a wine was 5 euros and 40 cents! Unbelievable! It’s not horrible wine either! Even though they do seem to love chardonnay out there, which for anyone who knows me, knows that I absolutely hate it! I drank a lot of local wine and Sauvignon Blanc! The beer was a local beer called Cisk (pronounced “chisk”) which was dirt cheap. The locals would sit in the pub and drink pint, after pint, after pint. With it being that cheap you can see why!

Whilst we were there we visited many different areas in Gozo and travelled over to Malta once to a place called Valletta. We tended to stay in Gozo often as the trek out over to Malta was just a tad exhausting and you would have to get on a bus for ages to get anywhere. Our journey back from Valletta to the house in Gozo took longer than our flight to Malta itself! Goodness.

However, Valletta was a really lovely place, very popular even for it being September so I can only imagine what it is like in the peak of summer. Whilst we were there we really randomly went to a toy museum. Honestly, it was tiny but filled with all sorts! Some of the toys looked absolutely ancient.

The streets in Valletta were beautiful too. The best thing however, was climbing to the top of a bell tower that must have had one of the most beautiful and tranquil views I have ever seen!


Going back to Gozo, and as I mentioned above, we visited Dwejra Bay which is where the Azure Window used to be. The Azure Window collapsed in March this year and was a rather devastating event for the locals. The window stood at 28m tall before it collapsed. We went on a little boat tour around the bay and we were able to see the remnants of the window which are still under the water. The Azure Window was a very popular place for filming to take place – my favourite being the wedding between Daenerys and Khal Drogo from Game of Thrones. Exciting! The boat trip itself was amazing and we got to see some incredible caves!

We visited a place called Xlendi where we had a lovely meal and got chatting to two other Brits which was on Bobby’s birthday. It was a really great day. We also visited Victoria which is the capital of Gozo and a gorgeous beach called Ramla Bay which was one of my favourite days of the holiday.

It was such a lovely holiday and it was so great to see that Bobby’s Aunties Kath and Gina are really happy there and that they’ve met so many wonderful friends. On the last day of our holiday we were so fortunate not to have to get the ferry across to Malta to go to the airport, but we were offered to be sailed around Gozo and Comino and across to Malta on Kath and Gina’s landlord Bob’s boat! It was fantastic!


There were 8 of us out enjoying the boat together and it really topped off our holiday! Spending the last bit of time with the new friends we had met was fab!

It was great as well because my blood sugar levels were so good whilst we were there! I think it was due to the heat and all the walking around that helped to keep them within target. I did have to fight off the odd hypo after all the drinking though! But all in all, they were really good! Overall, an amazing holiday!


I would definitely recommend people to go out there if they’re looking for a relaxing holiday! If you do decide to head out there, make sure you check out Harbour Craft which is the gorgeous shop Kath and Gina are running. They make and sell loads beautifully crafted things from earrings to speakers made from wood and they are both very talented!


Anyway, enough about my lovely holiday for now! Next week I will get back on track with the Diabetes and acting chat! Have a great weekend guys!

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