It’s Hypo Awareness Week!

Hope everyone is having a good week so far! I’ve come down with a stonking cold so have been feeling rather pants for the past 2 days. Hopefully I will be sorted out rather soon and back to my normal self! Definitely indulging myself in a face mask and glass of wine currently though (you know, just to relax a little…). But let’s get to it!

So this week it’s Hypo Awareness Week and Diabetes UK have released a little video about hypos featuring yours truly! This is one of many videos which are going to be released so keep your eyes peeled for more!

Hypo Awareness Week aims to get the Diabetes community talking about hypos in hospitals and primary care settings across the UK and the ultimate goal of the week is to increase knowledge about the signs, symptoms and treatment for hypos. I’m sure I’ve mentioned before that hypos can be strongly misconstrued by the public, often with the conclusion that the person experiencing the hypo is drunk. Hypos can cause a lot of “out of character” behaviour such as sweating, shaking, struggling to speak, shortness in temper, increased heart rate and many more. If hypos become severe they can be life threatening, so educating the nation is extremely important.

I have so far seen the video featuring me on Instagram and Twitter and you can watch it here:

On another Diabetes related note, a couple of weeks ago my housemate sent me a very interesting link to a video on Youtube. The video has been posted by BBC 3 and focuses on the extremely harmful and upsetting topic of “Diabulimia”. The video is entitled “Diabulimia: The World’s Most Dangerous Eating Disorder”. Now, for anyone who does not know what this is, prepare yourselves as this video will most definitely show some very emotional and shocking material. I haven’t watched it myself yet, but I absolutely will be. Diabulimia is the combination of Diabetes and Bulimia. Type 1s deliberately give themselves less or no insulin in order to rapidly lose weight. The reason the weight drops considerably is that due to the high levels of glucose in the blood, hyperglycaemia occurs and therefore the need to go to the toilet increases. The calories from eating are passed straight through the body in the urine and the body begins to break down fat and muscle in order to get energy. It is incredibly dangerous and is not currently a medically recognised condition, however, it is important to know that it is a mental illness.

Now, I am all for losing weight at the moment however, I would never, ever, resort to injecting less insulin in order to do so. It could lead to horrendous complications and I would never put myself in danger like that. I am going about weight loss in a healthy and safe way, which is how everyone should approach it. Obviously, experiencing a mental illness in regards to weight is a very difficult experience.

You can watch the video here:

If anyone has watched this video please do let me know your thoughts via Twitter! You can tweet me @emma_bostock.

I also read an article which I pulled out of the paper on the tube a couple of weeks ago about pregnant women with Type 1 Diabetes. Apparently, Doctors have called for all pregnant women with Type 1 to be given an implantable glucose monitoring device as after an International trial it was found that these devices reduced any risk to newborn babies.

I am no stranger to the knowledge that as a diabetic woman there is a lot more necessity for tighter care, more appointments and generally more help from medical professionals during pregnancy as there can be danger of various complications such as premature birth and stillbirth. It’s a scary thought and I want to know that I will be under the best care and have the best support possible when the time comes for me to have a baby.

The glucose monitoring sensor would be implanted under the skin in the stomach and would give 288 readings a day to help to keep blood sugar levels within the “normal” range. This would be opposed to checking your blood sugar by pricking your finger. It is essential that blood sugar levels are kept tightly within the normal range during pregnancy as it reduces any risks to the mother and child.

During pregnancy sensitivity to insulin fluctuates which makes adjusting insulin doses rather tricky. During the trial the results showed that pregnant women with the sensor spent less time with high blood sugar levels, were less likely to have a larger than average baby , were able to take their baby home a day earlier than on average, the babies were less likely to be admitted to intensive care and were less likely to be born with low blood sugar levels.

Obviously, birth can cause a lot of complications as your body is looking after not only yourself but the unborn baby too! It is imperative that your baby is brought into the world as healthy as possible, so I really do think that these sensors sound incredible! Maybe I will be receiving one of these when the time comes? Fingers crossed!

On a performing note, I am due to receive my script for Dick Whittington next week! I am very excited to get my teeth stuck into line learning again as I feel like I haven’t learned any lines in a while. I will definitely be getting Bobby involved in line learning with me. After all, the tour is encroaching rather quickly and it’s going to be Christmas in no time! Scary right?! I definitely need to make sure I start my Christmas shopping soon as I can’t really be doing it whilst I’m on tour and cart it all about with me!

Anyway, I’d best take this face mask off! Hopefully my skin is feeling silky smooth after all this time… (Probably a bit too long of a time…oops!)

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