World Diabetes Day

I have been so so so busy this week! I know I’m usually always busy, but this week I’ve had a mad list of things that I’ve needed to get done before I head off for panto rehearsals on the 12th November. Believe it or not, I have done all of my Christmas shopping already! Yes, I know it’s not even November yet, but I wanted it all done before I go on tour so I don’t have to worry about it whilst I’m away. I think I can most certainly say that this is the earliest I have ever had all of my Christmas shopping done!

I have also been busy organising a pre-birthday meal for myself as my birthday this year falls when I’m away on tour. Organising a large group of people isn’t the easiest of things! I think I’m getting there though and I can’t wait to celebrate with my fabulous friends!

The dreaded tax return of doom has also been completed! HURRAH! Thank goodness that’s done! I managed to do it all in just over 2 and a half hours as well, which I am extremely chuffed about!

Not only that but I’ve been learning my lines too!

So as you can see, I am slowly able to tick things off my list before I go. Not only have I been busy organising, but I am so looking forward to heading home back to Middlesbrough next week for 4 days! Bobby and I will be having the most subdued Halloween ever sat in the house with my Mum and Dad! I honestly don’t mind though as I am really looking forward to seeing them (and of course, my little Honey!) It will be so nice to catch up with some friends too before seeing them all again at Christmas for the usual antics!

Diabetes UK have been in contact with me again recently about doing some more filming for them. At this point I am unable to make the filming date suggested as I am away up North, but I’ve got my fingers crossed for them being able to film me on a separate day! We will see.

They have also asked my permission for footage of myself from The Big Conversation event to be used in a video that they will be showing on World Diabetes Day (which is the 14th November) at the Parliamentary launch of the report. Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt MP will also be attending the event. Sadly I am unable to attend as (again) I am away rehearsing for panto on that date. I will definitely be keeping up to date on Twitter with how it’s all going though.

For anyone who has Diabetes who wants to get involved with World Diabetes Day you can get your face up on Diabetes UK’s World Diabetes Day photo wall! All you have to do is upload a head and shoulders shot of yourself, which can simply just be a selfie. Make sure the picture shows off a bit of your personality! You can upload your photo here and get yourself involved I have tweeted this link too so keep your eyes peeled! Check me out on Twitter @emma_bostock to have a look.

I would love to share some recent news with you all regarding my Diabetes. Quite a few blogs ago I spoke briefly about HBA1c readings. Just to sum this up quickly HBA1c readings give an average of how well controlled your blood sugar levels have been over a certain period of time. At my last Diabetes appointment I received the fabulous news that my HBA1c level has improved from the “Poor” category to the “Good” category! I have recently measured at 55mmols which is 7.2%. When I heard this, I was absolutely ecstatic! So pleased with myself. Getting my HBA1c to this point has taken so much hard work and it’s definitely paid off! I am definitely going to keep striving to reach the “Excellent” category. Overall, I am extremely pleased!

Here is an example of the HBA1c chart.
HbA1c conversion

In regards to my blog last week, a slew of allegations have come forward in relation to other members of the industry. The allegations regarding Harvey Weinstein really have opened a door for others to come forward. Thank goodness. Director Max Stafford-Clark was recently forced to step down from the company he founded in respect to claims of his sexualised and inappropriate behaviour. Stafford-Clark has allegedly apologised for his comments and behaviour and claims that he did not mean to bully or harass. Hmm.

Influential figures in British theatre have launched a statement which has been signed by various individuals such as Emma Rice (artistic director of Shakespeare’s Globe) and Rufus Norris (artistic director of the National Theatre). The statement says that “there can be no place for sexual harassment” in the world of theatre and leading figures in British theatre have also condemned “sexual harassment or abuse of power” within the industry. The statement has currently been signed by the heads of 19 theatres. I am very hopeful that this number will increase.

It is the responsibility of everyone to help to create a safe and enjoyable working environment. Unacceptable behaviour needs to be addressed and challenged immediately. We can’t be having these predators and beasts suppressing the industry any longer. Fingers crossed for some change.




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