Panto progress and World Diabetes Day!

So here’s my first blog from pantoland! Well, to be precise, panto rehearsals. I’m currently residing in Stafford (or not too far from) whilst we have our week of rehearsing. We’re staying in a very large ex farm house which has a converted rehearsal room on site which is very handy when we start rehearsing in the morning as we don’t have very far to go! So far so good on the rehearsal front too! This year I’m touring with two guys which is completely new to me! I have only ever toured with girls so I’m sure this is going to be a very different experience!


We have heard that we begin the tour in Northern Ireland where we will be staying for two weeks. Exciting stuff as this is where we will be for my birthday! Fingers crossed we will be staying close to a nice restaurant or pub so we can get some birthday grub after our shows that day.

Bring on the rest of the week! So far so good!

Today is World Diabetes Day!

As I mentioned a few blogs ago, today is World Diabetes Day! There has been plenty of action going on today for it, especially on Twitter!

Diabetes UK launched a new video today for then #FutureOfDiabetes which you can also find and watch here:

The video has some really inspirational messages from different people affected by Diabetes and is very uplifting. There has been such an overwhelming reaction and hub of support on Twitter today too, which is always great to see.

@DiabetesBros tweeted “A big shoutout and happy birthday to my main man, Sir Frederick Banting, who discovered insulin & it’s therapeutic potential, unselfishly making it available for the masses before he went out like a badass in a plane crash. Thank you! #HappyBirthdayBanting #WorldDiabetesDay

@allontheboard tweeted a lovely little message at a Tottenham Court Road tube station which read…


Presenter @StephenDixonTV tweeted “It’s #WorldDiabetesDay Show your kindness and understanding of people like me living with #T1d or others with Type Two. Means a lot to feel considered and understood @JDRFUK”

@MatRoff tweeted a very well thought out tweet that said “Today is #WorldDiabetesDay . I’ve been a Type 1 Diabetic for 16 years & as much as Type 2s have a hard time, Type 1s have to inject insulin for the rest of their life. We need to make Diabetes better understood as not just a result of a health crisis, but as a life long condition.”

I could spend ages listing some of the supportive tweets but I wouldn’t be here forever! I think the main thing that channels from the majority of the tweets is that every diabetic wants every non diabetic to understand. People really don’t have a clue how much Diabetes does affect your day to day life and what you do have to deal and cope with. Diabetes is still so stigmatised and even after nearly 11 years of being Type 1 myself I am still faced with uneducated comments and questions on a daily basis. It’s so important that people are educated when it comes to Diabetes. You never know, it could happen to you and you might never see it coming!

Alongside all of the action of Twitter, Diabetes UK headed into the Houses of Parliament today to talk to some influential MPs about Diabetes Specialist Nurses and the levels of Diabetes care across the UK. I can honestly say that I am extremely privellaged to have recently  been asked by Diabetes UK to speak in the Houses of Parliament for this particular event today. I would have absolutely leapt at the opportunity, but as you all know I am otherwise engaged with panto and was not able to make it. What a fantastic opportunity that would have been! I sincerely hope that whoever spoke today did our community proud! I am very sure that they will have done.

It is so important to me that funding and support continues and increases to support the diabetic community as a cure for the condition could save so many lives. The condition is taking hold of more and more individuals, not only in the UK but in the World and we can only pray that things are going to get better. We really are looking to the #FutureOfDiabetes and all the positives and potentials it truly holds.

Here’s something scary that I learnt today too – @ExploreWellcome tweeted “Before the use of insulin in 1922 Diabetes was a deadly disease. The only hope those diagnosed with it had to prolong their life was, paradoxically, to be on a diet which took them to the very edge of starvation.”

Imagine living like that today?! We are so privellaged with how far medical facilities and technology have come and we are lucky to have the care that we receive around the UK. However, I do feel that there could be a higher level of care around the entire country and further educational practises put into place. It’s easy to say these things, but this is why the fundraising happens and why Diabetes UK have spoken in Parliament today.  It really is imperative to get all the support possible to keep moving forwards towards a cure.

Like I’ve always said, I am extremely proud to a part of the Diabetes community and I always will be. Keep the support going!


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