Panto Updates and Diabetes News!

I’ve started to write this from our tour van whilst we’re stuck in vile traffic on the M22 in Northern Ireland! (Don’t worry, I’m not the one driving right now!) We’ve actually been very lucky so far this week, as this is the first heavy traffic that we’ve encountered so far, so touch wood it doesn’t happen to us too often!

Week 1 Panto Updates

Rehearsals all went very smoothly and we successfully collected our tour van. It’s very cosy seeing as all 3 seats are in the front, so we are no doubt going to get very close over the next few weeks! Haha. We also managed to get a few pictures from our dress rehearsal too! (However, do ignore my gym leggings and lack of make up!)


Since leaving rehearsals everything has been so far, so good! We are staying in a lovely little flat in a place called Gortin, Northern Ireland. Saying that, it is quite far away from the majority of the schools we’ve been to so far and the roads leading to and from it are rather all over the place  and lack any lighting, but the flat is lovely and just what we need for this week!

Here’s a panorama of my little bedroom.


We’ve only just completed our 3rd tour day, but we’ve worked out we have 50 shows in total and we’ve done 7 of them in 3 days. 7/52 isn’t too bad! 7 down 45 to go.

As you do when you go on tour with a show like this, you all have to take on various little jobs. We’ve worked this out well and we seem to have a good system going! We’re definitely getting quicker at setting up and packing down before and after shows too. It all just takes a little bit of practice.

The children all seem to be enjoying the show too, which is great to know! Throughout the show we get a myriad of children up to join us on stage and play various small parts. The children are absolutely loving all the involvement and I must admit, they are (so far) all very sweet.

Now, even though it’s only the end of day 3, we couldn’t get through this tour without any issues whatsoever could we?!  Absolutely not! During one of our shows yesterday I noticed that the lighting box was getting very hot and I definitely saw what looked like a small amount of smoke coming from it… not good! So during our show this morning it started happening again and there was an awful burning smell accompanying the smoke, and this time there was a lot more smoke! Luckily, Tim pulled the plugs out of it and turned it off and we continued the show without the lighting. Long story short, we can’t use that lighting box anymore… as you can imagine. We’ve just been to collect a rented one until another tour group bring us a new one. What a palaver! It wouldn’t be panto though without a few cock-ups.


In terms of coping with my Diabetes on tour, I must admit, it’s not the easiest of things. Especially when you have to break up the driving, pack down quickly and then scarper off in the van to the next school! I have been trying my best to check my blood sugar after the first show, which is just before we have to set off and drive to the next school. Usually my blood sugar is coming out as slightly higher than I would want after I’ve done a show. I do think that this is due to the adrenaline of performing as that naturally raises your blood sugar. It’s usually at a great level after I’ve eaten at lunch and then gotten home again and checked it before tea.

Today was a good test for me as I was driving to the first school this morning and driving between schools at lunch time. It took 1 hour and a half to drive between schools and I didn’t have any time to eat. Unfortunately with the nature of tours like this, this sometimes can be the case. I made sure I checked my blood sugar after the first show and then had a few emergency dextrose before the second show in case my blood dropped during it. After the second show I checked my blood sugar again and it was 7.0. So I was very pleased and wolfed down my late lunch in the van as my tour mate Nuno drove back.

No terrible Diabetes issues so far though so that’s good!

Speaking of Diabetes, I have some exciting news to share! It’s not about me, but about new things I’ve recently discovered!

I was browsing blogs at the weekend and stumbled across a blog called ”In Roo Roo’s World” by Marissa Dolan. You can find her blog site at:

Marissa is a fellow Type 1 and naturally I was intrigued by her blog. In one of her blogs she mentioned a community called Beyond Type 1. I’ve never come across this before, so I followed the link from Marissa’s blog and it’s amazing! I’ve recently shared it on Twitter so some of you might have seen it already.

You can find out more info about Beyond Type 1 via their website –

They have some great information and inspirational stories to follow and you can also donate on there too. They have an app which I have downloaded which is of the same name. The app is brilliant and allows you to connect with Type 1s from all over the world. You can discuss many topics, follow various threads, create a poll and generally get to know some new people. There is even a chance to become an ambassador by inviting and getting people to sign up to the app.


Beyond Type 1 was founded in 2015 by 4 individuals, one of those being Nick Jonas!  It’s absolutely worth checking out for sure.  I definitely need to learn some more about it all myself, so I’m sure I will pop up some more info about it in some upcoming blog posts.

Thanks to Diabetes UK I’ve made another discovery this week! Yesterday Diabetes UK had a private performance by actor and comedian Jon-Sel, who is also known in the Instagram world as @diabeticshowbizshizzle 

He has just finished his tour “Keep Calm I’m Only Diabetic” for this year and fortunately he has more dates touring next year! I am thrilled as I would love to go and see it. Jon-Sel has been Type 1 since 1989. His tour is also based on his book which is now available on Amazon Kindle. You can find out more information about him via his website – and why not give him a follow on Instagram whilst you’re at it!

All in all, it’s been an exciting week so far! I have my birthday to look forward to on Friday too, so what a way to end the working week!

Over and out!


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