Woahhh we’re halfway there!

That’s right! Including our rehearsal week we are officially just over halfway through our panto run! We are coming to the end of our second week on the road and to be honest it can’t come quick enough! I am absolutely exhausted! It’s not even doing the shows that’s killing me off, it’s the early morning get ups (sometimes 5am) and the long drives! However, today we had a very rare 1 show day which was fab. It was in a Special Needs School in Northern Ireland and we had a great time. The show was an early one so afterwards we headed off to a local pub for some grub. We don’t ever get to have a midday pub visit as we’re usually cramming homemade sandwiches down our throats in the van on our mad dash from one school to another, so today was definitely a rare treat!

We’ve been very lucky with our current accommodation in Southern Ireland as it’s got everything we need. We do pray for WiFi, heating and a washing machine! Honestly that’s all we ask for and thankfully so far our wishes have been granted. Where we are currently staying is a little bit off the beaten track, but it’s a lovely little place. It’s a farm house which has had various little apartments built up on the grounds. It’s run by a lovely woman called Joan, whose husband unfortunately passed away a couple of years ago. She’s very welcomig and we even get greeted by two gorgeous ginger cats when we arrive back from our working day.

Here’s my little room:


We are moving accommodation again this weekend so goodness knows where we will be, but I do know it will be somewhere in Southern Ireland again as that’s where all of our shows are next week.

However, the last time I blogged it was nearly my birthday! We had a great day for it! We finished off the day at another Special Needs School and it was such a perfect show to end the first week and to have on my birthday!


We travelled back to or accommodation, showered, changed and headed out to the local restaurant in Gortin, Foothills Bar and Restaurant. I made sure to order a birthday prosecco upon arrival and the waitress talked me into trying a glass of their newly arrived pink gin. It was gorgeous! However, so easy to drink, it honestly tasted like alcoholic juice!


It wasn’t busy whatsoever when we arrived but it really didn’t matter as the food was amazing!


I had pulled pork spring rolls followed by a burger covered in brie. It was delicious! The guys really enjoyed their food too and we had a great time in there. It was just nice to relax and not have to worry about getting up so early the following morning.

After the meal we wandered across the absolutely freezing street to a little pub which was owned by our then landlady’s brother. It was so cosy inside and there was a pool table and darts board which we took full advantage of! It was also our landlady’s sister’s 60th birthday so all of their family was in there too. It was such a great atmosphere and they were all very accommodating of the three strangers that gatecrashed! I drank a lot of red wine that night and it was a very odd, but wonderful birthday!

Hopefully our good days continue on the tour and we complete the rest of our run with ease and enjoyment! I’m not going to lie, but I am definitely looking forward to Christmas now! I really can’t wait to get home and begin all the Christmas festivities! Not long to go now with it being the 1st of December tomorrow. Time definitely flies when you’re having fun. I do always think that I’m very lucky to have a job that I love.

Now, jumping ship to the Diabetes train!

I’ve been doing a lot of Instagram and Twitter following of fellow diabetics recently and it’s very enlightening. It really does strike you how different everyone and their relationship with Diabetes is. There are so many different ways and combinations that people use to monitor and control their Diabetes and it’s amazing to see everyone’s progress. I really do love looking at all the posts about the Freestyle Libre as I’m really keen on having one and trying it out. Whilst I was researching I came across an Instagram account called @pepmeup.diabetesblog. There was a link on their page to their shop website where they sell various Diabetes related products. I was particularly interested in their Freestyle Libre sensor stickers! They’re so cute and definitely personalise your sensor. There are loads of different designs too so there’s plenty of choices to make yours your own! You can find them through this link: http://shop.pepmeup.org/products

I’ve been rather good so far during the tour in terms of my Diabetes management. I am just being very sensible in terms of making sure I’m eating and keeping check on my blood sugar levels. It’s all going really well so far so hopefully it will continue as I seem to have found a good routine.

Have a good week everyone, we’re definitely on the countdown to Christmas now… eek!

Oh, and despite the fact I turned 27 years old last week, I have definitely been ID’d twice since then…


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