What’s been going on?

A very early good morning to you all. So I’ve been up since 5.30am (another very early wake up call) because we are currently on the ferry back from Dublin to Holyhead. England here we come! I’m really looking forward to getting back because then I will feel a bit closer to home. I am enjoying my time away touring but I really do yearn for Christmas holidays now! Seeing all the Instagram posts of Christmas trees and hearing all the Christmas songs on the radio is really getting me into the festive spirit. Not long to go now though, only a week and a half left! It’s flown by!

For the past week we have been staying in a B&B which is actually built into the ruins of the Abbey in a town called Boyle, Ireland. It’s safe to say it’s the strangest place we have stayed, still very sweet though.


I had a weird incident one evening where I was awoken at 1.20am to someone knocking on a door. For some reason in my half sleeping state I thought the knocking was coming from inside the house so I opened my bedroom door and found nothing. I don’t know if someone was knocking on the front door at that ungodly hour or if maybe it could have been a ghost?! We will never know! The B&B owner never mentioned anything about knocking on the door… very mysterious indeed.

This week has been a very tiring week as we’ve had an awful lot of long drives. Many 2 hour drives first thing in the morning and driving in the pitch black is really not the most appealing thing. Saying that, we have however, been extremely lucky with the weather! We have avoided snow the entire duration that we’ve been in Ireland apart from our last day yesterday.

We’d had an issue with our lighting box dimmer breaking and we had been using a rented one since the original broke. The only issue with the rented one was that it was from a place in Belfast, Northern Ireland and our final show yesterday was in Sligo, Ireland. We finished the show and I drove 3 and a half hours up to Belfast to return the lighting box. It was such a long drive. It only started snowing towards the very end of the journey and I was extremely thankful for that. Driving in the snow is really not my favourite thing to be doing. We then had to drive a further 1 hour and 45 minutes to our digs for the evening in Ashbourne, which is a half an hour drive from Dublin. As you can tell, we had an extremely exhausting day and didn’t make it into our digs until 8.15pm. We ordered a Chinese, watched I’m a Celebrity, showered and went to bed. Not the most restful of evenings to say the least!

At least the digs were lovely. We all had our own rooms and there was even an en suite in mine! This is a very odd thing to be excited about, but the downstairs toilet had the best toilet seat I have ever seen.



The one downfall was that it didn’t have any WiFi. It was only one night but my data has taken an absolute hammering this tour, that’s for sure.

Not only did we endure all of that driving yesterday, but we were informed of some news that we’re very sad to hear. Nuno is being taken away from us and is swapping groups with someone else called Jonathan… so we will be spending our Saturday evening talking through any changes that we’ve made to the show and making sure Jonathan is up to speed with the way we do things. It’s going to be very different working with someone new as the three of us have really found our own rhythm now. I guess it keeps things fresh and will be a good way to keep us on our toes. We are very sad to see Nuno go though. It’s a shame we have to lose him. I wish him the best of luck for the rest of his tour with his new group.

What’s happening on the Diabetes front?

I am very pleased with my blood sugar levels on this tour. The majority have been amazing. I’m really thankful that I’ve been able to manage it so well whilst being away and in a slightly different situation to usual.  Especially taking into account all of the different timings and getting up so early. It seems to be working out very well, so hopefully that can continue over the Christmas period too! We can only wait and see. You know what Christmas is like! I will just have to stay very vigilant and make sure my injections are as accurate as possible.

The other week I spoke about Actor and Type 1, Jonsel who is also known as @diabeticshowbizshizzle on Instagram. I have been very lucky and feel extremely privelaged to have received a draft copy of Jonsel’s new book ‘Diabetes Won’t Defeat Us’. I will be one of the first Type 1s to read it before it’s published later this month. Such an honour! I can’t give any information away as it’s top secret, but I will definitely be able to blog further about it when it’s been released.

Anyway, I’d best get comfortable for this ferry journey. Our 8.05am ferry has been delayed and left not long ago. So much for getting up at 5.30am to be on time ey? At least I got to have a cup of tea before we left in the sparkliest mug I could find!





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