Panto season is done!

So I hung up my panto hat for the year on Wednesday and headed straight back to Croydon. I was greeted by my gorgeous boyfriend with a bunch of roses in hand! Such a lovely gift and I was definitely pleased as punch to see him. It really is great to be back!


The rest of the panto run went fine and I’ve definitely had an interesting time. We have had ups and downs, but that goes without saying when you’re thrown together with 2 strangers for 5 and a half weeks, getting up at the crack of dawn and driving for hours on end! We had a really lovely final day in Newcastle and the shows went really well. The last performance was great and the school were really into the festive spirit. They had Christmas music playing whilst we were setting up for the show and some of the staff were dancing around the hall. It was such a lovely atmosphere for the final show!


I feel like I have learned a few things during this tour and would advise anyone who’s looking to tour in the future to take the following into account:

  1. Keep your cool. I had a few moments during the tour where myself and a tour member clashed. If you’re anything like me, you won’t shy away from confrontation. I don’t bring it upon myself intentionally, however, I always stand up for myself. Working in such close proximity with people for weeks on end really is taxing and it’s best not to get into blazing rows with anyone! If I was annoyed I dealt with it by walking away from the situation to cool down and then the issue could be addressed afterwards without biting each others heads off.
  2. Spend time on your own. Make sure you do have some time to yourself as it’s really good to relax and do your own thing when you’re with each other 24/7. I spent the majority of evenings on my own and it was a really healthy decision to make.
  3. Get as much sleep as you can. I’m used to staying up until between 11pm-midnight in my average every day life, however due to all of the extremely early morning wake ups it was imperative to get as much sleep as possible. No one wants to be driving that early and feeling out of sorts!
  4. Wash your hands. Due to my Diabetes I have a poorer immune system and I catch coughs and colds very easily. Through some miracle I have managed to avoid getting ill during the tour. I made sure I washed my hands as I arrived and left schools. There were always children coughing and sneezing during the shows and my miracle hand washing trick seemed to keep me well!
  5. Layers. Some of the accommodations you will stay at won’t be the warmest and you might not always have control of the heating. Make sure you bring layers and you wear them. Nothing worse than getting up at 5.30am and freezing to death!
  6. Stay positive. You probably will experience some poor performances or encounter some children who aren’t particularly pleasant. However, don’t let it get you down. They will be the minority and you will always have a better show to make up for the negatives.

As much as I have enjoyed performing the show, I definitely feel like my panto stint came to an end at the right time. It’s safe to say that I felt absolutely exhausted by the end of it so it’s great to have a couple of days off before heading back up North for all the Christmas shenanigans.

It’s been lovely being back and spending some time with Bobby. However, he’s out every day working as Santa until we leave to travel home on Christmas Eve! It’s been good though as I’ve managed to get all of my Christmas presents wrapped, unpack my panto suitcase and repack a smaller case to take home for Christmas. I must admit, I had to veto a few items of clothing that I got out to pack as I’m definitely terrible for over packing! I absolutely made the right decision by booking various appointments in advance for when I got back from panto as today has been a lovely day of pampering. Got my nails all Christmas ready and my hair has had a well deserved cut. It’s safe to say that I’m using my days off wisely before everything gets hectic around Christmas.

I will definitely have to keep a close check on my blood sugar levels over Christmas too, especially with all the drinking and eating. I’m still going to enjoy myself, but stay sensible too. I will be able to let you all know how well Christmas and Diabetes work together this year in my next blog post.

Have a lovely Christmas everyone! MERRY CHRISTMAS!



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Actress, singer and type 1 diabetic.

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