Christmas, Diaversary and New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! I know this sounds massively cliche but I cannot believe we have reached January 1st 2018 already! This year has absolutely flown by. The world hasn’t had the greatest year in 2017 so hopefully we can progress positively into 2018 and maintain an upbeat outlook. I do have a strong feeling that 2018 will be a good year, not just personally, but for the world too. After the travesty of 2017 we definitely need to hope that 2018 will be better. Fingers crossed!

I hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas! I absolutely love Christmas time, the atmosphere, the decorations, family and friends just really make for a wonderful time. We had a great Christmas this year, however there has been so much illness about. After I’d gotten through tour so successfully without falling ill, it was inevitable that some sort of illness would hit me eventually. I ended up full of cold with a sore throat and bloodshot eyes. Not the most desirable of looks that’s for sure! My poor Mum had horrible flu symptoms before Christmas and managed to damage her shoulder. My Dad also had horrendous stomach pains on Boxing Day and missed out on a gorgeous meal. I think Bobby has been the only one to avoid catching anything. Very lucky indeed.

We had a wonderful Christmas Day and I was so spoilt this year! There was an absolute mountain of gifts under the tree for all of us and we spent forever opening them. My dog, Honey, was beyond excited and even tried to open some presents herself. She got extremely excited when we put the presents under the tree on Christmas Eve and even jumped in my gym bag which had all the presents in.


As usual we spent Christmas morning at home opening presents and then headed off to one of my best friend Sarah’s house to spend Christmas Day together.


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As always, we have a great time when we go back home. We managed to cram in a lot of activities before we left on the 30th! We went to see Star Wars The Last Jedi, spent time with my Mum and Dad, went out for lunch and tea with friends and even managed a night out.


Whilst being at home it was also my Diaversary, or for anyone who doesn’t know what that means – my anniversary for being diagnosed with Diabetes. 11 years of living with Diabetes on the 28th December. For me, this is definitely a day to celebrate. Of course, if I had the choice between being diabetic and not, I would choose not to be, but I am never resentful or upset about this day. This day changed my life forever and I have grown and developed as a person in ways that maybe I wouldn’t have without it. It has shaped me into the woman that I am today and I am very proud to be that woman. Saying that, it has been extremely difficult over the festive period to keep my blood sugar levels at bay. You drink more at Christmas, eat more food and being ill definitely doesn’t help with blood sugar control either. There has been a lot of picky/party food over this period too which is notoriously difficult to carb count with. It’s so easy to lose track of your carb count because not everything is a round number. Especially after a few drinks, carb counting becomes more of a challenge. I think I’ve had a few inaccurate readings too because of being so full of cold. Illness and Diabetes really don’t go hand in hand. Being diabetic also means that you don’t have the best immune system, so catching bugs happens a lot! I’m still full of cold now, but I think all of the festive drinking hasn’t particularly helped my body to recover. Getting back to London tomorrow and back into my normal routine will surely set me on the track to recovery.

This year we decided to have a bit of a different New Year. Usually New Year is spent at a house party or out at a bar somewhere. However, this year, we fancied something a bit different. I really don’t enjoy going out to stand at a bar for 45 minutes without being served to then be hearded around like cattle because it’s too busy anywhere to move. This year, Bobby, myself and two other couples that we are very good friends with Martyn, Helena, Nadia and Ray, decided that we would go and stay in a house with a hot tub in Newark, Nottinghamshire. (As a side note, check out Helena’s blog –



It has been such a good decision and we have had so much fun. We threw  surprise 30th birthday for Ray on the first night as he turned 30 on the 23rd December and everyone was busy with various work commitments. We decorated the house with banners and balloons and played games all night which was a great start to the New Year weekend.

On New Years Eve during the day we took a short drive into Newark and strolled around the town and Newark castle ruins. We stopped off for a bit of lunch and then came back to set up the house for our New Years Eve party. We had so much food and alcohol and played some great games. Obviously there was singing and dancing and the night was finished off with a dip in the hot tub. There was a few overindulgences with alcohol within the group but all in all we had a fab night.


It’s safe to say that today we are most definitely relaxing. We are currently still in our jammas and are lounging in the living room watching Paddington. What a great way to spend the weekend and a lovely way to begin 2018. Bring on a brilliant year!

Happy New Year!

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