New flat and Diabetes UK

Today is March 1st and it’s snowing. I know, I actually can’t believe we’ve got this weather! Utter madness! However, I have been very lucky to not have to leave the house today as I have a day off and I have finally gotten round to writing another blog. About time.

We are in our new flat!


Yes! It’s all been very go go go here and we are finally settling in to our flat. We had such a great day when we moved and everything went very smoothly. I definitely want to say a huge THANK YOU to Bobby’s Mum and Dad – Phil and Angie, because we wouldn’t have been able to do the move without their help! We still have bits and bobs inside the flat to organise and sort out, but we will get round to it in due course. It is pretty amazing living on our own. For someone who has only ever lived in a house share, living with your other half is definitely the best thing! We have so much more room now and a whole fridge/freezer to ourselves. It’s the little things really isn’t it?

When we moved we knew that our flat was unfurnished so we would have to buy our own furniture. We have been so lucky when finding bargains and have had a few donations from people too which we are extremely appreciative of! Thank you so much to everyone who donated to us because we definitely saved a good wedge of money.

We managed to get some great bargains from good old IKEA as well. We didn’t spend an awful lot at all and managed to get a bookshelf, coffee table, TV stand, chair and all sorts of smaller bits and bobs for a great price. We are very fortunate to have an IKEA so close to us, so that definitely made everything a lot easier.

Speaking of moving, two of my best friends Lottie and Michael have just moved today into their own house! (Yes, they have driven a huge van in this horrendous weather!) Congratulations guys! They have taken the plunge and stepped on to the property ladder and I couldn’t be happier for them. I look forward to the house warming guys!

So, what has actually been going on then?

Since I last wrote I’ve been doing a bit of work with Diabetes UK for their upcoming Annual Report. The Annual Report focuses on the work that Diabetes UK have been doing over the past year and features various different topics. Diabetes UK contacted me asking if I would like to be featured and involved in the Annual Report and of course I said yes! I had a phone interview with one of the Diabetes UK team where they asked me all sorts of information, such as; when I was diagnosed, how I was diagnosed, how I manage my Diabetes, what I thought of the Big Conversation Event, what I want to happen in the future etc. All of this information was put together as a foreword which will be featured in the final Annual Report.

Alongside the phone chat, it was arranged that myself and Bobby would be doing a photo shoot with Diabetes UK as they needed some pictures to work alongside my feature in the report. So last week, we headed out to meet some of the team and took some photos at various locations throughout the day. We had such a great time with the team and hopefully the photos will be looking great! I can’t reveal too much information, but here are a couple of sneak peak shots from the day.

On another note, since I’ve started injecting in my legs my blood sugar levels have definitely improved – not that they were bad before, they just seem to be more in target than not. I think after 11 years of stomach injections there is definitely a build up of scar tissue that’s most probably blocking the insulin from absorbing more effectively. I have definitely seen a difference when injecting in my legs. I do have to take into account that I can’t inject in my legs if I’m about to go on a long walk, run, dance or go to the gym because it absorbs an awful lot quicker and I’m more prone to having a hypo. My other site is the sides of my stomach instead of the front. I have to be careful though because injecting in my legs and the side of my stomach is definitely a lot more painful than I’m used to. It will just take time getting used to, but so far, so good!

The last Diabetes update I have is that I have recently been accepted onto the Young Adults Panel! Hurrah! I didn’t get accepted the first time the opportunity arose and I was placed within the Young Adults Network instead. It’s been great being involved in the Network, but I am really chuffed to be joining the Panel as it’s a bit more hands on. So fingers crossed for some interesting updates regarding that soon!

Last but not least, I’ve had some new head shots taken recently by the wonderful Robin Savage who has had over 10 years experience of headshot photography. I would highly recommend him as he was brilliant! So easy to work with and we had such a great day. Robin even lets you pop your own music on during the session, so we styled it out to The Greatest Showman and Parade. Check out his website for more info.



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