Personalise your Diabetes

Diabetes can be a very difficult and frustrating condition to manage. Some days you get things spot on – your blood sugar levels are amazing, you inject correctly for your food and you feel on top of the world. Other days things fall to shit and sometimes there really is no way of getting it under control. Diabetes is a constant battle, but it should never be seen as a burden.

As most of you who read my blog know, I am an extremely proud member of the diabetic community. I see Diabetes as one big family of people who are just a little bit different. I really do feel that you should embrace your Diabetes and tackle it with positivity and strength. You should surround yourself with like-minded people who are just as positive as you and you should encourage the negative mindsets of others to become positive.

I don’t ever resent my Diabetes and never shy away from telling people that I’m diabetic. I talk about it openly and with pride, because at the end of the day it’s a huge part of my life and why should it be hidden away?

Embrace it! What better way to embrace your Diabetes than to personalise your Diabetes? There are so many products online that you can buy to give your Diabetes a bit of a boost – whether that’s bags, t shirts or stickers, there is something out there for everyone to enjoy.

Let’s take a look at some of the coolest things I’ve found online!


Myabetic is a great little site for all your diabetic accessories! Myabetic was created by Kyrra who was diagnosed when she was 24 years old. She struggled with the physical and mental endeavours that Diabetes takes you on and really found it hard to open up about having Diabetes. She was afraid of the negative misconceptions that others have about Diabetes and therefore found it difficult to manage her condition. She decided to create Myabetic because she wanted to produce a positive image to be proud of.

The site which you can visit here is amazing. You would never even know that the accessories were designed for Diabetes and they really are something special. The site focuses on bags which can be tailored to your needs. The bags have adapted compartments to help you to carry your equipment around efficiently and are available in all sorts of designs, colours and sizes. They even have a Product Finder on site which enables you to find the right product for you!

The site is American so the prices are all in dollars but I’m pretty sure they ship to the UK. You can also find some of the products in the Diabetes UK shop too! (Click here to have a look!) They’re not the cheapest of products and I am definitely going to be getting one because I really feel that they’re worth the price. Here are a few of my favourite products.

Banting Diabetes Wallet in Blush

I love this product! Not only is it available in loads of gorgeous colours, it’s just perfect for carrying your blood tester and insulin together! It’s currently available on the Diabetes UK shop for £35 and the Myabetic site for $48. The wallet has a removable pouch for your used supplies, elastic loops for your insulin pens and a zip pocket for your blood tester.

Brandy Diabetes Backpack in Pink Frost

As you can tell, I do love all the pink items, but they are also available in many other colours! This is probably the most expensive product on the site retailing at $125 and £89 on the Diabetes UK shop. However, it really is pretty impressive. Not only does this backpack have all the space at the front for your supplies, it even has a medical I.D pocket, snack storage space, hidden phone pocket and an insulated interior section. You would never even be able to tell that this was a backpack designed for diabetics.


Cosyfeet is a great site for diabetics who have more sensitive and vulnerable feet. They have some very comfortable looking socks that are designed not to rub or irritate. They definitely look super cosy and thick for winter too! So they could be just what some of you need. You can get them in packs of 1-3 in a variety of colours and they’re definitely very cute. You can have a browse at what they have to offer here.

Prices vary depending on pack sizes but they are generally between £14.50 – £23.

Type 1 Strong

Type 1 Strong has a huge array of apparel that you can buy, from t-shirts to hats, to Christmas tree decorations. You can definitely get it all on this site! This site really does promote Diabetes in such an amazingly positive light.  We are all strong! There are also products on this site available in children’s sizes too. Here are some of my favourites.

Ladies V Neck T-Shirt

The Ladies V Neck T-Shrit is so pro Diabetes, I love it! This t-shirt is available in all sorts of colours and you can also get a version available for men too. It’s currently available online for $23.99.

Type 1 Strong Tank Top

I also love this Unisex Tank Top because I think it would be such a good top to wear at the gym, or generally out and about if you’d prefer! You’ll be pleased to know that this comes in an array of different colours too and it’s online for $21.99-$23.99. Find out more here.

Badass Diabetic

I’m sure I’ve talked about Badass Diabetic before but basically they are awesome. You can follow them on Instagram @badass_diabetic and you can visit their site here. Not only do they follow and promote various individuals who are absolute diabadasses but they also sell a variety of apparel on their site too. I was actually very lucky to be sent a t-shirt from this lovely lot for free! Here I am wearing it.


You can get this t-shirt online for $17.00 or if you’re lucky, you might get sent one for free through any competitions they run. Here’s another version of this t-shirt that I also love, which is available for the same price online.

Badass Diabetic - I Love 1

There are many more products available on their site, so don’t forget to check them out and join your fellow badass diabetics!


Without a doubt I feel like these little bags are the cutest/funniest things. Bagsmadetoorder is an online Etsy shop. Their products are really sweet and some of them definitely add a little bit of laughter to your Diabetes. I really want one of these because they are so tongue in cheek. Take a look at what they have to offer here. They also offer a variety of non-Diabetes related bags, but of course, the Diabetes ones are my favourites. I actually can’t get enough of this!

This Bag Contains My Pancreas

You can get this bag in a variety of sizes depending on your preference. This particular one retails online at £7.48 plus shipping. It comes in all sorts of material and colours too which personalises it even more.

There are so many things out there to bring a little fun to your Diabetes. Check things out and get ordering! It only takes a bit of google searching to come across these sites and Instagram is also a great tool to find them too.



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