Cosyfeet Diabetic Sock Review

Recently I have been lucky enough to be sent some products to test and review from the lovely brand Cosyfeet. Click here to view their site. They currently have a sale of up to 75% off too, so take advantage whilst you can!

So, as some of you who have read my previous blog ‘Personalise your Diabetes’ , you will know that Cosyfeet sell a lovely selection of diabetic socks! Now, this doesn’t mean that the socks are suffering from Diabetes themselves… but that these socks are made and tailored to the needs of diabetics! Good ey?!

For some diabetics their feet maybe aren’t in the best way due to repercussions from poor Diabetes control. This can mean that their feet have a loss on sensation or are easily infected. For some diabetics, wearing normal socks can make their feet irritable and uncomfortable, especially if the socks are tight, ill fitting or made from a scratchy material.

Luckily, for people who need them, Cosyfeet have a great selection of diabetic socks which are scratch free and extremely soft – perfect for sensitive feet.

Softhold Lightweight Socks


These socks are so comfortable! They glide on your feet with ease and are so soft. They have no seam so they’re not too tight around the top either. They are 98% cotton and 2% lycra. They come in a pack of 3 pairs for £21.00 and they are available in beige, black, coffee, grey and navy – all of which are very neutral and earthy tones. (I am wearing grey above.) They are also a standard fit. They do seem expensive at £21 per pack, but they are definitely worth it if you have particularly sensitive feet that need a little extra care.

Why you’ll love them…

  • Incredibly lightweight
  • Non-restrictive softhold top
  • Gently stretch for a perfect fit
  • Cosyfeet bestseller

You can shop these socks here.

Supreme Comfort Socks


A slightly thicker sock than the Softhold Lightweight Sock so would be great for those cold winter months. These socks feel very different to the others because of the difference in thickness, but they are also extremely comfortable. These are a standard-roomy fit, so are a little bit bigger on your foot, but they don’t slip down or fall off. They come in a 2 pair pack for £18.00 and are available in black, charcoal, navy and oatmeal. (I am wearing charcoal above.) They are 70% cotton, 26% merino wool, 3% nylon and 1% lycra. Like the softhold lightweight sock, these supreme comfort socks are also seam-free so they aren’t too tight around your leg.

Why you’ll love them…

  • They deliver quality and comfort
  • Innovative designs

You can shop these socks here.

The socks arrive in easy to open packages with a clear and simple design.


It is so important to look after your feet not only generally, but especially if you are diabetic. You should always check for sensations in your feet and attend your routine appointments to get them checked by your local Diabetes team.


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