Well, what a wonderful weekend that was for the Royal Wedding! The weather couldn’t have been better and it’s safe to say that the guests, bride and groom all looked amazing. I really do love how us Brits celebrate the royals. There were so many street parties and house parties happening to honour the day and I think it’s fabulous. However, I wasn’t having a party to celebrate the wedding, I was attending my lovely friend Sam’s surprise baby shower! My Mum had come down to surprise Sam too and we had such a gorgeous weekend. The girls who organised it did such a good job and Sam was definitely very shocked and overwhelmed. I’m very sure that she didn’t quite know what was going on at first!

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We had an epic journey from South Croydon to Great Dunmow where the baby shower was so we were able to watch some of the Royal Wedding on our journey. After we had watched the wedding I found out something amazing that I really need to share.

So, you all saw the beautiful performances by cellist Sheku Kanneh-Mason didn’t you? He is 19 years old and performed with his siblings on Britain’s Got Talent in 2015 as part of The Kanneh-Masons and he also won the award for BBC Young Musician in 2016. Well, he is also a type 1 diabetic! Yes, that’s right! He was diagnosed at the age of 12. He hasn’t let diabetes hold him back or stop him from pursuing his dreams. There he is performing at the Royal Wedding and doing an amazing job of it too! If that’s not inspiration for all you type 1s out there, then I don’t know what is!

Sheku Kanneh-Mason Type 1

I recently had an appointment with my local Diabetes team just to check up on how I’ve been getting on. All is fine you’ll be pleased to know. We did talk about how whenever I drink alcohol I tend to go to bed with high blood sugar and wake up with high blood sugar too. It’s not fun! The nurse suggested that if I’ve been drinking I should maybe inject 1-2 units of insulin before I go to bed, just to see if that helps bring my blood sugar down. I tried it the other night after I’d been drinking at the baby shower and continued when I got home and it worked a treat! I will definitely be doing this more often if it can help me to control those pesky high readings!

On another note, whilst I was there, I asked about the likelihood of me getting a Freestyle Libre. It’s looking like I’m not going to be getting one any time soon by the sound of things. Basically, the nurse explained that people who are prone to lots of hypos are tending to be the priority for libres in specific areas at the moment. She did in fact say how unfair that was as we all know that flash glucose monitoring is the way forward for diabetics. I completely understand that people who are struggling seem to be more of a priority, but surely, in our own way we should all be a priority? It’s also up to local decision makers whether to fund flash glucose monitoring in their area – which is highly unfair.

Diabetes UK are currently fighting to end the flash postcode lottery. You can follow their progress via the hashtag #FightForFlash on Instagram and Twitter. It is so important that we have as many people as possible backing this campaign because the technology it offers to every diabetic can improve the management of their condition and their overall future. Please join the fight here!

Last but not least, I’m going to be doing a bit of filming this week for Diabetes UK again. They are recreating some old videos of theirs and making them more current, up to date and relatable and I am one of the lucky few who will be starring in one. Keep your eyes peeled for the link to the video when it goes live. I will make sure I share it all with you!



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