There’s always a diabetes update.

Oh my goodness! It feels like an entire lifetime since I last wrote a blog post. I really do apologise for that! I have been super busy as usual and endured a grueling 16 day continuous work stint before I jetted off on holiday to Majorca. I only just arrived back on Wednesday so my Wednesday afternoon and Thursday consisted of catching up on Love Island and lots and lots of washing. Yes, I am back and in full swing now. I have lots of blog posts coming up soon and a really big blog coming up about managing my diabetes on holiday… Keep your eyes pealed for it!

So what’s new?

So first thing’s first. This is definitely a full out diabetes blog post so be prepared for lots of news!

Diabetes UK Annual Report 2017
So I am finally able to share with you the images from the Diabetes UK Annual Report 2017. So exciting! If you click the link it will take you directly to the report on the Diabetes UK site where you can have a look and read it all for yourself. I was very lucky when Diabetes UK asked me if I wanted to get involved in the report. You might remember me mentioning it in my previous blog New flat and Diabetes UK. (Click the link to refresh your memory!) Whilst I was on holiday the Diabetes UK team sent me a lovely thank you card and a hard copy of the report for my own keepsake. I was really surprised when I opened it to see myself and my boyfriend, Bobby, on pages 5 and 6! My blog even has a mention in the report too which is just absolutely fab! I am so pleased with my supporter foreword in the report and can’t wait for everyone to see it! Here’s a few pictures of my hard copy and thank you card.

Diabetes UK Annual Report 2017 (1)Diabetes UK Annual Report 2017 (2)Diabetes UK Thank You Card (1)

I am so proud that I got to be involved and I really do want to say a huge THANK YOU myself to Diabetes UK for giving me this wonderful opportunity. There were so many images taken for the report too and I can also share some of my favourites with you that didn’t make the cut!

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Diabetes UK Learning Zone

Diabetes UK have launched a new Learning Zone on their website which you can find a link for in the menu bar on their homepage. It has been made for type 1s and offers an abundance of information regarding your own personal situation. The content in the learning zone has been created by people living with type 1 as well as clinical advisors so it really does offer you a brilliant mixed bag of information. You need to create your own profile in order to access all the information and it’s really easy to use. Over time the learning zone will further improve based on feedback too, so it’s absolutely worth signing up for! It’s free, quick and easy to sign up and over 3000 people have done it so far. Get yourself signed up!

Annoying HBA1c News

Eurgh! It pains me to say this but I went for some blood tests before I went on holiday and when I got back I phoned the doctors to find out the results of my HBA1c and I was really upset to find out that it had gone up from 55mmols (7.2%) to 59mmols (7.5-7.6%). So frustrating!!! For my fellow type 1s you know just how disheartening is it to hear news like this, especially as we all work so hard on a day to day basis to improve our glucose levels. I was really upset when I found out, however, I have made an appointment with the diabetes nurse to talk about it. I am determined more than ever to get it down again (and even lower than before) so I have decided to put myself onto a low carb diet seeing as I’ve heard so many good things about it in relation to blood sugar control.

I do love a good carb so it will be really difficult for me, but I am so determined to bring my HBA1c down so I will try my absolute best to do well at this. I am also hoping that it will help me to lose some weight too because I feel as if I’ve gained about 12 stone since being on holiday!

I have only just started the low carb diet yesterday so I can’t really comment on how it’s going yet or talk about it in great detail, but I can assure you a blog post will be on it’s way when I get to grips with it all.

Anyway… I must dash

Only a short one for now as I’ve got so much planning to do for my holiday blog and of course Love Island is on! Nothing best bugger up Jack and Dani or I won’t be a happy bunny!





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