Panto News and The Happy Diabetic Challenge

HE’S BEHIND YOU! That’s right! I have some wonderful panto news for you all. If you follow me on Instagram, Twitter or you’re a friend of mine on Facebook you’ll probably already know that I’m going to be performing in Peter Pan this Christmas at the Princes Theatre, Clacton on Sea!


I had such a great audition for this show and was extremely chuffed when I got offered the roles of Mrs Darling, Darcy the Pirate and Persil the Mermaid! I’ve known that I’ve had this job in the bag for ages and I only recently announced it on social media. I’ve had such a wonderful reaction from all my friends and family, so thank you very much everyone. I’m really excited to get started with rehearsals at the end of the month.

Before rehearsals begin we actually have a couple of publicity days coming up which I’m also really looking forward to. Definitely gives the cast a chance to get to know each other before the rehearsal process begins. We also get to indulge in singing some Christmas songs in November! I’m sure my neighbours are enjoying the rehearsing I’m doing!

If you want to book tickets to see me in action do so by clicking here. The show runs from 8th December through to 1st January. Make sure you let me know if you’re planning on coming to see it! It would be great to see some familiar faces in the audience.

So November is Diabetes Awareness Month!

This year I am completing the Happy Diabetic Challenge which was created by the wonderful @the.insulin.type (instagram). For every day in November we have a different topic regarding diabetes to post about. I have decided to change it up and instead of uploading photo posts on my account, I’m recording an insta story for each day instead! So if you follow me on there make sure you check them out!

November Happy Diabetic Challenge 2018

It’s so great to follow the hashtag #happydiabeticchallenge on Instagram and see all the posts from our wonderful Type 1 family. Everyone has a different opinion every single day and it just goes to show that everyone does things a little differently. I also find it really interesting to see how people control their diabetes. Do they use pens or a pump? Do they still check their blood sugar old school like me, or do they have a libre or dexcom? Give the hashtag a search on Instagram and definitely check out the posts.

Whilst I’m on the diabetes chat, I just want to quickly make sure that no one forgets to have their flu jab! As a diabetic in the UK it’s so important to take advantage of the fact we get free flu jabs. It’s difficult enough to regulate your blood sugar levels when you have a cold, I can’t even begin to imagine how out of whack we would get if we had to deal with the flu! Awful!

Like the majority of us, I’ve already had a cold and I’m just coming off the back of it now. It definitely did throw my blood sugar levels all over the shop and it is really hard to bring them back to normality. However, here are some things that may help you out if you do end up suffering from a particularly horrid cold this winter!

  1. Stay hydrated. Like anyone needs to (diabetic or not) staying hydrated really does help to flush out a cold. It also helps with higher blood sugar levels because you’re probably going to get thirsty anyway if you’re riding a little higher than usual.
  2. Keep warm. You don’t want to drag out the length of the cold any longer than necessary! Keep yourself wrapped up and sweat it out of your system.
  3. Check your blood sugar more often. I don’t mean constantly! But checking a little more frequently can help you preempt what the cold is doing to your levels and can help you to prevent any awful highs before they happen.
  4. Small correction doses. Don’t go too mad! Remember, a little correction dose can really help you out where necessary.
  5. Exercise. I was really poorly a couple of weeks ago and stupidly partook in a very difficult gym class (that was even harder because I was so ill) and I actually thought I was going to pass out or be sick on my way home. Luckily I wasn’t! A little exercise is always good to help sweat out a cold and regulate your blood sugar, just don’t overdo it like I did!
  6. Feed a cold. Get lots of veggies in you to help battle that cold! You also won’t need to inject for them either, bonus!

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