Ganesha Gear – Diabetic Bag of Life

I would have written this blog entry sooner however, I won this bag and then pretty much had my birthday and then headed off for panto so I was really busy. Alas! Here it is!

So I was first introduced to Ganesha Gear by my wonderful friend Jonsel (Instagram: @diabeticshowbizshizzle) He actually tagged me in a competition on Instagram where if chosen both of us would win a ‘Diabetic Bag of Life’. We only went and won the competition and we were both sent one of these wonderful little bags from Ganesha Gear!

The ‘Diabetic Bag of Life’ is designed by a diabetic, for diabetics. The bag can be used by any diabetic to keep their supplies together indoors and outdoors, however it is primarily targeted at diabetics who like to train and keep physically active. The bag is designed to hold all of your diabetic essentials whilst on the go and partaking in activities. It’s definitely better than having everything in separate bags, all over the place and potentially getting lost!

So tell me all about it!

There are many pros to the ‘Diabetic Bag of Life’.

First of all the bag comes with 2 different straps. 1 strap is shorter for around the wrist or holding by hand. The other strap is longer and can be worn around the body so you are completely hands free. Both straps attach via a carabiner clip which is easy to use and allows you to easily change between straps.

The bag also has tonnes of zip sections which is really handy. It even has a zip pouch that is made of netting and designed for used needles/lancets/strips which can actually be removed from the bag as it’s attached by velcro.


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There are some card slots in the very front of the bag which you could pop your bank card in if you’re on the go, or even your medical ID card (which is what I imagine it’s designed for).

There is definitely enough room in the bag for all of your essentials! I managed to pack in:

  • Insulin pens
  • Lancets
  • Needles
  • Test Strips
  • Finger Pricker
  • Blood Tester
  • Dextrose Tablets

Even with all of those bits and bobs, there was still loads of room inside for much more. If needed you could get some ketone test strips in there among other things that you might want with you too.

What makes this bag a little bit different is that it also comes with a Bluetooth tracking device which connects to an app you can download on your phone called Echo. If you happen to misplace your bag you can control the tracker from the app and it will alert you as to where it is. Fancy huh?


Would I change anything about the bag?

I wouldn’t particularly change much about the bag because I think it’s an amazing product which will really benefit a myriad of people. I would however, love to see the bag in a range of different colours. For anyone who knows me well, I am a massive fan of anything pink! So I would definitely love a pink version of the ‘Diabetic Bag of Life’. I would also add on a second attachment so you can have the longer strap going fully across the body and the bag would be the right way up, opposed to hanging downwards.

Overall though, you need to check out the Ganesha Gear site and get yourself a ‘Diabetic Bag of Life’! I would definitely give the bag a 4.5/5! The 0.5 deduction is down to it not coming in any other colours yet and the lack of second attachment. Really though, that’s just me tailoring it to myself personally.

If you have any questions or queries please do contact them because they are lovely and will willingly respond to any messages!

You can find them on various platforms:
Instagram: @ganeshagear
Twitter: @GaneshaGear
Facebook: Ganesha Gear




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