Hello 2020

Well, 2019 certainly passed in the blink of an eye didn’t it? Happy New Year everyone!

To say the least 2019 was definitely an interesting year for me. My highlight of the year was obviously getting engaged to my gorgeous now fiancé! Something I wasn’t expecting in the slightest, but it definitely made my year extremely special. The second best thing to happen in 2019 was being approved for the FreeStyle Libre. Having this handy little bit of kit has definitely improved my well-being and the way I can control my diabetes. I really would hate to go back to finger pricking now, for me it would feel like a total step backwards.

However, 2019 was definitely my worst year yet for acting. I have never felt so deflated in all my life and although I was getting auditions, I just wasn’t booking any jobs. When this happened I went through such a wave of emotions. I was frustrated, upset, angry and in a constant state of self doubt. I really try not to let these feelings last for long because I’m quite good at letting things go and staying driven. It’s just made me more determined than ever to succeed in my career goals this year! I’m hoping that now I’ve had my awful year now, that it won’t be happening again. I definitely won’t let that happen again! Onwards and upwards is all I can say, bring on 2020 and a positive move forward.

What are my New Year’s resolutions?

I have 3 main goals and resolutions for this year. Mostly, my resolutions every year are a continuation from the following year. I always strive to succeed in whatever I do and my resolutions are always based upon further improving myself and bettering what I’ve already done.

1. To sing and dance more.

I feel I need to get myself seen and heard more. I sing a lot when I’m in the house and I teach private singing lessons, so I’m always singing so to speak, but I feel I need to be singing more publicly. I’m going to start recording more singing videos and posting them online and not being too self critical to do it! I’ll most likely be posting on Twitter/Instagram/Facebook so do look out for anything that pops up, and hopefully, give it a like! I’m going to make a huge effort to attend more dance classes too. I have never been and will never be the world’s best dancer, but half of my degree was dance based and I loved it. I love dancing and I really do need to continue to improve my technique and build my confidence so I’ll feel more comfortable in any dance based auditions. Like I said, I love dancing so it’s a shame not to do it more often. This year, that’s going to change!

2. To update my showreel.

My acting showreel desperately needs updating and I just need to get it done! I know what I want on my reel and I know who is going to film it and put it together for me. I just need to get the material in place. I’ve taken the plunge to write my own material so I can tailor it to what I want my reel to show off. I’ve written my own material before and it’s always seemed to go down well. Seeing as I enjoy writing (well, I wouldn’t be blogging if I didn’t!) and I’ve had positive feedback for it, I might as well put it to good use! Get it done, Emma!

3. To continue to improve my HBA1c.

Keeping my diabetes in check and under as consistent control as possible is very important to me. I am determined not to end up with any horrible complications. Since having my Libre my HBA1c has improved. Seeing the improvement was such a happy moment for me and I’d love to continue in the right direction. It might take a little more micro-managing my levels, but I am willing to do that in order to improve my overall control. I’m not going to try a low carb diet again because it just didn’t work for me due to the amount of exercise I do and constantly being on the go. I just need to make sure I’m endeavouring to inject 15 mins before I’m eating to try and reduce those post meal spikes that are surely not helping anything!

All in all, my resolutions will hopefully aid me in moving forward with both my career and my diabetes. Like I always say, I am so determined to succeed.

Acting and diabetes aside, 2020 is going to be a very busy year! I can officially say that I am getting married next year! EEE! The amount of organisation that is going into our wedding is immense. We have so many things to arrange and sort out and it all definitely takes time. We’re getting married up North in York so there’s definitely going to be a lot of trips up and down the country in order to meet with various suppliers for consultations and appointments. So far, I think we’re in a very good place with what we’ve booked and paid deposits for. I will definitely have a couple of wedding related blogs coming up as we get closer to the time. For anyone else getting married in the near future after my wedding I’ll make sure to list all the suppliers we used in a blog post.

I have so many weddings and hen dos to go to this year too! We were going to go on holiday this year but due to the amount of time we’re spending going away for bits and bobs, it’s looking like our next holiday will be our Honeymoon! We haven’t decided on where we want to go yet, but I will definitely be needing some pampering and relaxation by then. If anyone has any recommendations for places, do please throw them my way!

Last but not least, 2020 is the year that sees me turn 30! How am I turning 30 this year?! That is a scary thought to say the least. I see lots of 30th birthday parties happening this year and next, so that’s all yet to come too! I have a little thought about a particular activity that I might like to do for Diabetes UK to celebrate my 30th birthday at the end of the year… but I’ll keep that one under wraps for now!


2020 let’s be having you!



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