It only takes a taste…

As a type 1 diabetic, I strive for the most perfect blood glucose results on a daily basis. It’s very hard to get it right. There are so many factors that are beyond my control which affect my blood glucose levels. Some of these things you wouldn’t even think would affect it: heat, altitude, emotions, exercise and alcohol – just to name a few. As I’m only human, I can’t always get it right – but I do try to get as close to.

A short while ago I had an appointment with the Diabetologist at the hospital in regards to a general check up, and to see where I was at with my HBA1c. Annoyingly for me, my HBA1c had gone up a bit (which is the opposite of what I’m trying to achieve right now). I was advised to inject an extra unit of Levemir (basal, long acting insulin) in a morning to see if that could help with some afternoon spikes that I’d been experiencing.

As much as I have been trying to inject Novorapid (bolus, fast acting insulin) 10-15 minutes before my meals, it’s not always possible due to being at work, or the time frame I may have to eat in. However, I try my absolute best to get it in 10-15 minutes beforehand. For any of you who aren’t diabetic or living with diabetes, injecting 10-15 minutes before eating allows your insulin time to start working, which lowers the after food spikes you might experience, therefore keeping your blood glucose levels more in range. (Unless you’re using a type of insulin that works even quicker than Novorapid).

After being advised to inject an extra unit of Levemir in the morning, I went ahead the following day and did just that. Now, I don’t know if this was absolute fluke or not, but something shifted and I had the best 5 days of blood glucose results I think I have ever experienced since being diagnosed.

I mean, yes, there are a couple that are out of my range, and the odd hypo in there too, but overall these results blew my mind. How had increasing my Levemir by one unit changed this so drastically? I felt completely incredible. I was doing everything else the same. I was going to the gym, eating out, drinking alcohol etc. All things that definitely have an affect on your blood glucose levels and control. So, why was it so controlled all of a sudden?

I’m not joking, but after those 5 days, everything seemed to go a little off piste and I haven’t seen results like that since. (Well, not that many times anyway!) If anyone can explain what went on, then please, be my guest.

I really did think that the tiny adjustment of Levemir had created that immense change, but that’s definitely not the case. How and why did it happen? It really goes to show that diabetes is a confusing and unpredictable condition to manage. The feeling of utter deflation after those 5 days as my results started to shift away from being so tight, is indescribable. It was like I’d had a taste of something quite marvelous, that was then all of a sudden snatched away. Don’t get me wrong, my blood glucose levels aren’t all over the joint insane or anything, because I do really try to take good care of myself. However, they just aren’t ever that tight for that many days in a row.

Why don’t you go low carb or carb free in order to stop those spikes? Some people may ask me. Well, I tried that and I found I had 0% energy because I am quite active. I need carbs to burn off so I can be as active as I am. That’s me personally, anyway. I know of quite a few type 1s who stick to a low carb diet and it completely works for them. It’s definitely each to their own.

Keeping as in control of my blood glucose levels is extremely important to me. Obviously, I want to venture into later life without complications and with avoiding any awful repercussions from living with diabetes for so long. I am determined to stay well. I don’t want to sacrifice anything in my life that I enjoy in order to micro manage my diabetes. I really don’t think micro managing is healthy as it allows your diabetes to take over your entire life. It becomes you and diabetes definitely does not define me, nor does it make decisions for what I can and can’t do. I have always stuck by the thought that “my diabetes doesn’t rule me, I rule it.” 

As much as seeing those results blew my mind, I am now determined to recreate those days and I’m constantly adjusting and trying different things in order to see what the outcome is. Diabetes is definitely baffling. For one small moment I really did think that I’d cracked it. I think it was definitely diabetes playing a little game with me. I really do want to make it clear that obviously, you can’t be “perfect” all the time. You are definitely not alone in this endeavour. There are so many of us striving for perfection and it’s never going to be that easy I suppose. Keep your chin up, talk to each other and soldier on. Remember, the diabetes community is supportive. We are all riding these waves together and we don’t always get it right. At the end of the day, we are only human.



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Actress, singer and type 1 diabetic.

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